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The Ex Wife OTT release - Watch the thriller story about how an ex-spouse can ruin the beautiful present here now

The Ex Wife OTT release: The English thriller mini-series consists of 4 episodes, all of which will be released together

The Ex Wife OTT release - Watch the thriller story about how an ex-spouse can ruin the beautiful present here now

A poster for The Ex Wife

Last Updated: 05.00 PM, May 03, 2024


Based on Jess Ryder's book of the same name, The Ex Wife was released in 2022. Starring Céline Buckens, Tom Mison, Janet Montgomery, Jordan Stephens, Clare Foster, Adam Drew and Sam Hoare, the series consisted of 4 episodes, all directed by Brian O'Malley.

When to watch The Ex Wife on OTT

The British drama was first released on Paramount+ platform in the US. Indian audiences can watch The Ex Wife now on VROTT, as it's already streaming. You can also watch all the episodes together through OTTplay Premium. The Ex Wife was previously dropped on Amazon Prime Video last year.

The Ex Wife story

The story follows Tasha and Jack, a happily married couple, enjoying their life every day like it's the end. They have a little daughter named Emily, who is the apple of their eyes. However, they never imagined that one day this heavenly life will be shattered within minutes when Jack’s ex-wife Jen comes back to his life. His continuous involvement with her casts a long, dark shadow on their family.

This unresolved entanglement becomes a constant source of friction, which threatens to ruin their present. One fine morning, the unthinkable happens. Jack and Emily vanish without a trace, leaving Tasha grieving. The once-cheerful house soon becomes a grave of silence. The question is, will Tasha be able to find her husband and daughter? Will she be able to contact his ex-wife, Jen? What has exactly happened to them?

The Ex Wife trailer

The trailer begins with some horrifying background music while showing how Jack is getting more and more involved with his ex-wife, Jen. Although Tasha had no problem with it in the beginning, when Jen moves in with them, she begins suspecting her. In one scene, we get to see how Jen recalls that she used to live in that house with Jack and tells this story to Tasha. Her expressions and body language hint at evil intentions. She seems to be a psychopath.


The trailer soon shows a traumatic event where Tasha is searching for her baby daughter Emily across the city. Watching a devastated Tasha is disturbing. Her screaming down the streets, struggling to cope with the traumatic situation, and thinking of the worst are heartbreaking.

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