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The Garfield Movie theatrical release date – Watch the new antics of the Monday-hating, pizza-gulping orange cat on THIS day

The Garfield Movie is the latest animated comedy inspired by Jim Davis’ renowned comic strip of the same name. Garfield is an orange cat who hates Mondays and eats pizza with equal gusto.

The Garfield Movie theatrical release date – Watch the new antics of the Monday-hating, pizza-gulping orange cat on THIS day
A still from the trailer of The Garfield Movie

Last Updated: 09.06 PM, Feb 25, 2024


The Garfield Movie is going to be directed by Mark Dindal of Chicken Little fame. Produced by Columbia Pictures and Alcon Entertainment, the pawsome adventure comedy is based on Jim Davis’ Guiness World Record-holding comic strip Garfield. Based on a screenplay by Paul A. Kaplan, Mark Torgrove, and David Reynolds, The Garfield Movie is going to be distributed globally (excluding China) by Sony Pictures and will enjoy a theatrical release.

Release date and trailer of The Garfield Movie

The Garfield Movie will be hitting the global theatres on May 24, 2024. The film dropped its trailer on November 13, 2023, assuring us of more clips to come before the film’s release. The trailer showed us something no one could have accused Garfield of suffering- Daddy issues. This film will explore the origin of Garfield’s birth as well as his estrangement from his railway cat parent.


Plot of the Garfield movie

The Garfield Movie follows the indulgent and sheltered life led by the popular orange cat with anthropomorphic manners, from detesting Mondays despite being an indoor cat to surviving coffee, lasagna, pizza, and dog food. The last item is thanks to his pet sibling, the young canine Odie, whose naivety is exploited by the naughty cat and his food vanishes without trace.

In the film’s trailer, Garfield and Odie’s suburban and pampered existence is disrupted by the sudden entry of his estranged birth dad, Vic, a raucous, street-smart railway cat. Though it is unclear yet from the trailer, whether Garfield and Odie voluntarily join him on a hilarious, high stakes heist, or are coerced to do so, it is evident that this is their first outdoor adventure. And they will not be able to return home to Jon without Vic’s sense of smell and direction.

Cast of The Garfield Movie

Armed with a solid voice cast, featuring the likes of Chris Pratt as Garfield, Harvey Guillén as Odie, Samuel L. Jackson as Garfield’s bio daddy Vic, and Nicholas Hoult as Jon Arbuckle, Garfield and Odie’s pet parent, the film has little chances of going off-track in terms of entertainment and animation.

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