The Guilty star Jake Gyllenhaal locked to play the lead in Sam Hargrave’s superhero film Prophet
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The Guilty star Jake Gyllenhaal locked to play the lead in Sam Hargrave’s superhero film Prophet

Jake Gyllenhaal will play the titular role of John Prophet in the film. He is conscripted into the German army for a scientific experiment on his own volition out of economic necessity and develops superhuman strength consequently.

Hia Datta
Oct 09, 2021
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Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal has wowed the audience and critics alike with his stellar act in The Guilty. Now, he has bagged a role in Sam Hargrave’s upcoming superhero film Prophet.

Stunt-coordinator turned director Sam Hargrave, known for his recent film Extraction, is helming the project. Prophet is drawn from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld’s image comic book series. As per Hollywood Reporter, Marc Guggenheim has written the script for the project.

Jake will feature in the titular role of John Prophet, who is chosen for military conscription by Germans at the end of World War II and develops superhuman abilities when subjected to certain scientific experiments.

The plot of the film revolves around the Prophet. Driven by economic hardships, John volunteers to be conscripted into the military and allow a German scientific experiment to be performed on him at the end of World War II. He is buried alive after a bombing, remains buried for two decades, and comes out alive in 1965, only to find things in bad shape around him. KGF agents are after his life to create super-soldiers from his blood and on the home turf, his daughter grudges him.

Jeff Robinov, CEO of Studio 8, has backed the film along with John Graham. Adrian Askarieh, Liefeld and Brooklyn Weaver of Prime Universe Films have produced the film too.

Jake's last film The Guilty saw him in the role of a demoted 911 operator who faces his own demons while trying to save a distressed caller who has apparently been kidnapped.

Nominated in the Academy Awards for his brilliant acting in the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, Jake is an actor to look forward to. He rose to prominence with the 1999 film Rocket Boys and arrived as an actor in the 2001 psychological horror-fantasy film Donnie Darko, apart from being an indispensable part in films like Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac and Prisoners. The 40-year-old actor played the villain Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which will substantially add to what he can bring to the table in another superhero film based on a comic book series.

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