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The Heartbreak Agency OTT release date – Catch the hilarious German romantic comedy on THIS platform

The Heartbreak Agency OTT release date – The Heartbreak Agency is a romantic comedy film that focuses equally on the issues of love and heartbreak and is loosely based on a real-life agency. 

The Heartbreak Agency OTT release date – Catch the hilarious German romantic comedy on THIS platform
A still from the trailer featuring Rosalie Thomass as Maria

Last Updated: 08.50 PM, Feb 13, 2024


The Heartbreak Agency is a German romantic comedy that uniquely caters equally to the lovesick and the heartbroken. Directed by Shirel Pereg, the film’s screenplay has been composed by Antonia Rothe-Liermann and Malte Welding. The film is loosely based on the highly successful self-help book Goodbye Herzschmerz, aka Goodbye Heartbreak, by Elena Katharina Sohn.

Release Date and trailer of The Heartbreak Agency

The author also founded the eponymous Heartbreak Agency in Berlin in 2011, after splitting from her former partner. The Heartbreak Agency is all set to release on Netflix on Valentine's Day 2024, aka February 14. The German film had also dropped an English trailer which offered a brief insight into the building tension between Karl, a curious journalist, and Maria, the charming owner of the titular agency.


The plot and the contents of the trailer

The romcom follows the tale of an agency that helps people deal with heartache and breakups. While founder Maria, essayed by Rosalie Thomass runs the business successfully, many believe the entire Heartbreak Agency to be a scam, including Karl. Karl, portrayed by Laurence Rupp, is an investigative journalist with a Peter Pan approach to life. However, his own sincere lack of belief in love and extreme suspicion leads him on a mission to try and expose the assumed deception of the agency.

The trailer of The Heartbreak Agency shows a tense encounter between Maria and Karl, where both assess the other’s authenticity and firmness of character. However, the more seasoned Maria appears to gain advantage in the brief clip. But as the tension builds up in the scene and the two sexes clash, subtly, but in a struggle to gain the upper hand, both intrigue one another, even if they are initially unaware.

The film will have to address three major questions - one, will Karl finally mature and grow up to experience love, along with some soothing answers to his itching curiosity about the agency? The second one being whether Maria would ever open her heart to love again. And the third and the most important one, are they going to pay heed to what their respective hearts need, or will they let life pass by before they realize it's too late?

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