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The Kerala Story actor Adah Sharma: Every film I do, I think that it will be my last, because...

Adah Sharma is surprised and elated with the response that her film, The Kerala Story, received.

The Kerala Story actor Adah Sharma: Every film I do, I think that it will be my last, because...
Adah Sharma in a still from The Kerala Story

Last Updated: 10.01 AM, May 15, 2023


The Kerala Story has been favourably appreciated, and its star, Adah Sharma, has garnered numerous accolades for his performance. The actor describes how the audience always thought highly of her, which contributed to such a phenomenal response.

When asked about the love she received from the audience, Adah told ANI that every film she makes, she thinks that it will be her last. The actor has no idea if anyone will ever have faith in her again or if she will even get another chance. However, she believes that the expectations of the audience were always higher. People are continuously complaining that Adah should have gotten a different part. She believes all those hopes and dreams have come true, calling herself fortunate.

Asked if she had anticipated the film's unprecedented success, the performer responded that she is not believing this because she didn't expect such a response but thanks everyone who watched. The actor continued by saying that as a child, all she ever imagined doing was playing with an elephant or a dog in her dreams. Adah hoped to receive some good jobs, but she had no idea how often that would be the case.

She poked fun at nepotism by saying that she thinks she is very blessed. This was beyond her wildest imagination, and she didn't think such acclaim could be bestowed upon a female who wasn't part of the business.

The film's enthusiastic reception by the audience deeply moved Adah. Their hopes seem to have been realised, and their original goal in filming this film was to raise consciousness among young women. The actor is very delighted that so many people are watching it now so that they realise what the actual narrative was about and what's occurring, which was kept hidden.

Finally, the actor mentioned the positive reception her film had received from audiences. As an actor, one constantly hopes that people will see their performances, and she is grateful for the opportunity. When she was younger, she often wondered if she would need a rebirth like Shah Rukh Khan's character in Om Shanti Om to experience success in this world. However, Adah got this, and she is really happy that people are watching the film and giving so much appreciation.

The film is now officially considered a blockbuster at the box office after breaking the Rs. 100 crore mark. On May 5, 2023, The Kerala Story was officially released.

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