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The Mandalorian season 3 episode 2 (Chapter 18) review: Pedro Pascal’s series tries to be a visual delight

This episode tries hard but connects with you only to an extent.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 2 (Chapter 18) review: Pedro Pascal’s series tries to be a visual delight
The Mandalorian.

Last Updated: 11.43 PM, Mar 10, 2023



Din Djarin is now the apostate. He cannot face his clan without feeling the guilt. Thus, he leads on a journey with Grogu to right his wrongs.


The Mandalorian, this time, begins as a visual treat. You see fireworks in the midst of nowhere, which, surprisingly, works.

Pelli Motto is here and with her, we have the Jawanese and R5-D4. He is the older version of R2-D2 but is still adorable.

The Mandalorian Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda aka Grogu meeting Pelli is the cutest thing ever. May The Force Be With You is back and it makes things brighter than ever, literally.

As always, Din’s lessons for Grogu are the best part of the episode. Grogu’s reaction will warm up your heart like always.

The action is here after some suspense is built. Din is great as always at what he does – action.

The suspense on the show is built well, thanks to the music. Just when you think that things will finally be alright, they aren’t. That’s the beauty of the show.

The Stranger Things obsession continues. You once again see creatures unlike never before. Grogu’s journey with them is worth noticing. This kid turns out to be the best thing to happen to the episode and series.

Bo-Katan (Kate Sackhoff), from The Dark Side, is back. She still gives off her previous vibes but is seen in action this time around and it is badass!

She spills the beans on what really happened to The Mandalore and it is painful. Thankfully, Bo-Katan and Din can finally see eye-to-eye.

There’s a surprise soon after. The suspense on this show never ends and in fact, gets beautiful as time passes. The last scene leaves you craving for more.


Rachel Morrison does a good job at letting the suspense be. However, it isn’t great. You know what will happen but still wait to see if it will be otherwise. The visuals, though, work well.

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