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The Mandalorian season 3 episode 3 (Chapter 19) review: Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin goes missing

The story literally shifts from Din Djarin and Grogu, making the watch painful.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 3 (Chapter 19) review: Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin goes missing
The Mandalorian.

Last Updated: 07.12 PM, Mar 15, 2023



Din Djarin is now the apostate. He cannot face his clan without feeling the guilt. Thus, he leads on a journey with Grogu to right his wrongs.


The Mandalorian, this time, begins where the last episode left off. The Mandalorian Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal) is alive. Baby Yoda aka Grogu is introduced with him.

Bo-Katan (Kate Sackhoff), from The Dark Side, has a powerful entry this time. She is almost not there till she makes her presence felt. When met with Din, the two are unstoppable.

While being visually appealing, The Mandalorian also plays with your mind this time. That is what makes this episode worthy of a watch.

R5-D4 is back out of the blue but he still is just as cute as always. The droid might not contribute much yet but is definitely a part of the journey.

The Convert, which is the title of the episode, is quite literally the theme of the episode. You see the scenes convert without a warning.

The Empire and the way it manipulates you into believing them, is explored upon this time. Cloning is spoken about this time. You also see the New Republic in the current episode.

This time, The Mandalorian takes you back to the first scene of Andor. You suddenly find yourself in the setup of where Andor’s journey to rebellion actually began.

The focus shifts from The Mandalorian this time around. It goes to Dr. Pershing, who worked on cloning primarily. He is a complex character that has been written well.

The suspense in the episode is ever-building, nonetheless. The story, even if not focused on The Mandalorian, is intriguing. However, you do miss the OGs.

Din and Bo-Katan are here but only for a brief period. Their re-entry is good but it ends as soon as it begins.


The Lee Isaac Chung-directed episode is not up to the point. It switches from the story which is a major disappointment. You feel like you have entered an unfamiliar territory and are watching some other series. Thanks to that, your viewing experience is ruined.

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