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The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 (Chapter 23) review: Paz Vizsla is the hero you wish he wasn’t on Pedro Pascal’s show

The episode marks the end of Paz Vizsla’s journey.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 (Chapter 23) review: Paz Vizsla is the hero you wish he wasn’t on Pedro Pascal’s show
The Mandalorian.

Last Updated: 10.56 PM, Apr 14, 2023



Din Djarin is back with his clan but they have been facing trouble. To what extent will he help them re-build?


The Mandalorian this time is all about you transporting back to the world of Star Wars, meets Japan? This show will once again take you back to the first scene in Andor, where everything just falls apart. Dark lanes and mysterious figures make sure you feel that way constantly.

Kathie M. O’Brian does a fab job as Elia Kane, as always. It is the scenes, combined with her acting, that make her character so darn mysterious.

Giancarlo Esposito returns as Moff Gideon for a brief role but is still impactful. He leaves a more mysterious vibe to himself than her too.

The Spies is an episode that stays true to its name, at least at the beginning of the episode. By the end of it, you get to see the real Mandalorians.

Carl Weathers as Greef Karga appears in a brief role too. He is good for the limited time given to him.

Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan is introduced with Din Djarin but it is Baby Yoda aka Grogu who steals the limelight like always. Grogu’s reaction to Karga is one of the cutest. He also is at his peak with The Mandalorians.

The graph of the episode turns from fun to intense with the blink of an eye. Of course, Bo-Katan and Din are at the centre of that.

The drama in the series intensifies thanks to the music. Drums rolling before ships enter really amps up the scene.

This episode truly focuses on only The Mandalorians and their struggles. You get to also see the stormtroopers in a new light this time. The fight between the two, as expected, is a blast.

Things get messy as Moff comes face-to-face with The Mandalorians in a dark trooper suit. He is as villainous as they come in the Star Wars world.

Paz Vizsla leaves an impression with this episode, once again. He is the hero this time around, once again. You wish he wouldn’t try to be a hero but he sure is. The episode is almost dedicated to his bravery.


The Rick Famuyiwa directed episode is not in the same flow. There are different tones and variations to scenes. We aren’t complaining much about that. In fact, the director does a great job at highlighting scenes that require attention on the episode. For that, he has done a 10/10 job. The visuals are up to the mark and so is the acting. The story takes up most of this episode and even that gets the perfect pace eventually. So, this one is a good watch.

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