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The Piper OTT release date - When and where to watch Elizabeth Hurley’s this horror flick

Released in 2023, this horror movie tells a story about a mother and daughter, and some dark secrets

The Piper OTT release date - When and where to watch Elizabeth Hurley’s this horror flick

The Piper

Last Updated: 09.42 PM, Jan 20, 2024


British actress Elizabeth Hurley, who first captured audiences in charming roles like Gossip Girl and Bedazzled, returns to the screen with a chilling twist in the horror film - Piper. Before her acting success, Hurley was a renowned figure in the modelling world. In 2002, she showcased her comedic chops alongside Matthew Perry in the romantic comedy - Serving Sara.

When and where to watch

Get ready to lose yourself in the haunting melody of The Piper. This chilling horror tale, featuring Charlotte's unforgettable performance, arrives on Lionsgate Play January 26, 2024. Prepare for twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Experience the terror for yourself as you can watch it thorough OTTplay Premium, exclusively.

The Piper story

Liz, haunted by her past, seeks solace in a wonderful town of Hamelin. Her daughter, Amy is absolutely oblivious about her mother's past. But Hamelin also has a darkness. A ghost of a Pied Piper is bringing wrath every other day. He hunts the humas. His haunting tune is a twisted lullaby that steals away the children of those who did not receive justice on earth. As the piper's melody begins to interact with Liz, she gets a hint that her past is coming to haunt her down again. The ghost is threatening to reveal everything she kept hidden till now.


What does the trailer show?

Released in 2023 in the theatres, Piper went away unnoticed by many. It did not even do well at the box office. The trailer shows Liz and her daughter Amy moving to a small German town, hoping for a fresh start. But things get creepy soon. A girl dies horribly, and weird things keep happening in the town. A ghostly creature called Piper wants to punish bad parents by taking away their kids. Luckily, Amy gets introduced to a nice guy named Luca. Can he save her from the monster? How will Liz protect her daughter? Well for that you have to wait for just six days.


Apart from Elizabeth Hurley, Piper stars Mia Jenkins as Liz’s daughter Amy, Jack Stewart as Luca Shandor, Arben Bajraktaraj as the ghost Piper, Robert Daws as Weiss, Gundras Abolins as priest.

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