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The Resident Season 5 Episode 7 review: Conrad’s back and so is Billie’s son, Trevor

Chastain Memorial has a new set of interns; Bell has to get Conrad back as Austin gets devastating news about his mother.

Prathibha Joy
Nov 17, 2021
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Dr Austin's mother, Carol, is unwell again on this episode

Story: Dr Sutton’s son Trevor, whom we’ve met earlier on in the season, is back. He’s got a medical degree and is Dr Pravesh’s latest intern. Can he survive Chastain’s ER or will his arrogance get the better of him?

Review: Now that the makers of The Resident have established the time leap in the story line, it’s time to kick up the action a notch. For starters, Chastain’s getting a new bunch of interns, one of whom, hold your breath, is Dr Billie Sutton’s biological son, Trevor. Yes, the kid’s back; armed with a medical degree that will be of use only if he can make it past the internship at Chastain’s. It doesn’t start well for him, though, as he gets off on the wrong foot with Dr Devon Pravesh from the word go. The silver lining is that Billie has softened her stance with him, although she warns him not to let anyone know she’s his biological mother or borrow money from her. Of course, there’s also Dr Austin, who’s been a mentor to Trevor since he first showed up at Chastain. The kid’s got a long way to go, though, if he wants to make it there.

Also in the hospital is Dr Conrad Hawkins, who is contemplating a return to the familiar environment. It hinges on GiGi liking the pre-school on the premises, which she does, and whether Dr Bell can effectively sell the proposition of a job Conrad likes. Conrad doesn’t take the bait immediately, giving it a day at Chastain’s to make up his mind. It so happens that Dr Austin’s mother Carol’s sick again and he would love for Conrad to see what’s going on. Sadly, for Austin, her prognosis is not good; after beating cancer with an immunotherapy, it turns out that the treatment protocol kept the cancer at bay but ruined all other organs and their functions. She has two choices – stop the therapy immediately, get better and have the cancer return, or continue with it and die of multi-organ failure. The outcome’s not rosy either which way, but what will Carol choose to do?

Elsewhere on the episode, Dr Leela is hyperventilating about her parents’ surprise visit. It is clear that Leela has issues with them, but the enormity of it comes out at a lunch meet. Leela’s sister Padma had leukemia as a child, so, the parents still fawn over her, much to the former’s displeasure. From going to great lengths to hide all traces of Devon from their apartment, Leela finally tells her parents that she lives with him.

At the end of the day, it was decision time for Conrad. He’s always loved the work atmosphere at Chastain’s, but gave it all up to be able to spend more time with GiGi. A work-life balance has not been ironed out, but Conrad and Bell are hopeful they can figure it out, so, yeah, he’s back.

Verdict: It’s been three years since Nic’s passing, and Conrad’s often asked if he’s taking care of himself, even on this episode. Now that he is back at Chastain, it would be interesting to see what the makers have in store for his character. A new love interest, perhaps?

WHERE TO WATCH: All seasons of The Resident stream on Disney+Hotstar in India. 

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