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The Tourist Season 2 OTT release and trailer- Where to stream and what to expect from the brand new season

The Tourist is a BBC Original that has charmed viewers with its wild plot curveballs, dark humor, and thrilling action scenes. Get ready to stream its second season, which drops early next year.

The Tourist Season 2 OTT release and trailer- Where to stream and what to expect from the brand new season
A still from The Tourist, featuring Elliot and Helen

Last Updated: 01.33 AM, Dec 17, 2023


The Tourist, starring Jamie Dornan as the amnesiac protagonist, is ready to enthrall fans with a second season. Dropping the official trailer on December 15, the show also shifted to Netflix for future endeavors, around the same time.

Though it began its journey on BBC One for UK, Stan for Australia, and HBO Max for US and other countries, and got renewed for a second season, Max decided to take its business elsewhere after the first season.


The Tourist Season 1 is no longer available on HBO Max, since September. From now on, outside of the United Kingdom, both seasons of the show will stream on Netflix. As for the UK, BBC retains distribution rights.

As for the release dates, they are different as well. Season 2 of The Tourist Season 2 will drop on January 1, 2024, in the UK, while Season 1 of the show will stream on the Tudum site February 1, 2024, onwards. Season 2 of The Tourist will feature in the US on February 29, the leap day.

Season One of The Tourist saw Jamie Dornan as an accident survivor in the Australian Outback, with no memory or notion of his identity. Yet, as he fumbles in his clothes’ pocket, he finds a scrap of paper asking him to meet someone at the cafe. What spawns forth is a tale full of unexpected twists and turns, as well as dark humor and occasional romance.

The Tourist Season 2 picks off a while after the ending of Season One, which saw Jamie Dornan, now aware of his horrific identity as Elliot Stanley, overdosing to kill himself when a reconciliatory message from Helen dings too late.

The new trailer shows a coupled-up Helen and Elliot in Ireland, attempting to piece back his past and getting embroiled in the family feud between the McDonnels and Cassidys, while trying to uncover their secrets. The new season also promises several new characters as well as a dynamic plot, ranging from Elliot getting kidnapped to building an ensemble team to get him back.

With a desperate, almost-humorous need for clarification regarding who is friend and who is foe, the new season of The Tourist promises to make New Year and Leap Day worth it

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