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The Ultimatum: Queer Love episodes 5-8 review: Every relationship is complicated, walking out is the only option

Welcome to a world of never-ending drama and complications (what did you even expect, going back to your ex?)

The Ultimatum: Queer Love episodes 5-8 review: Every relationship is complicated, walking out is the only option
The Ultimatum.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 04.40 PM, Jun 02, 2023



One partner is ready for marriage and the other isn’t. These lesbians have to explore themselves to know if they are ready for a wedding.


After the previous episodes and the drama of it, Xander is finally back with Yoly. They discuss what happened on each table. Vanessa and Rae’s intimacy is the topic of the hour.

Vanessa talks about the situation with Rae, who is confused beyond reason. While she stands by her current partner, you sense her discomfort about the situation. To add to that, Vanessa's dad gives them both a reality check.

Lexi talks to Mal, who only tries to comfort her. They meet the parents.

Aussie and Mildred finally try to address the elephant in the room but in vain. Aussie finally makes a decision.

Sam and Tiff, on the other hand, go strong. Tiff's friend grills her and that makes for something.

Xander and Yoly take their relationship a step further. That is till they, like others, go back to their original partners.

The drama intensifies as the day nears. Should they go back to their old flame? Are they happy with their current partner? Too many questions waiting to be answered.

Aussie and Sam go back like they never left. The others, they struggle on a day-to-day basis.

Tiff and Mildred finally sort out their issues. But will it lead to them saying I Do? That remains to be seen.

Xander and Yoly continue to have a complicated relationship. While in love, they also commit to their original partners. Can the two decide?

This time, Mal gives up after trying her luck. It gets to the extent that she asks the cameras to stop rolling.

Mildred and Tiff finally sort things out after a rollercoaster of emotions. Will this last and one of them (or both) get down on their knee?

After the constant downs more than ups, Mal and Yoly's ultimatum day is here. Will it go as expected? One thing you can expect with them is, things won't be as easy as the first time.


Every single relationship on this show is on a complicated stage. The tables have turned for most of them and how! While some, who weren’t ready for marriage, want to go down on their knees, the others want to run away. Can they stay true till the ultimatum though? Stay tuned to find out. Things just got interesting!