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The Underdoggs OTT release date – When, where to watch Snoop Dogg’s twisted sports flick online

The infamous, yet much-loved rapper is back with a corrupted story, mixed with hilarious comedy, which will take you to an imaginary world

The Underdoggs OTT release date – When, where to watch Snoop Dogg’s twisted sports flick online

The Underdoggs

Last Updated: 06.28 AM, Jan 05, 2024


Attention all sports fans! Brace yourselves for a thrilling journey through a world of unexpected twists, heart-pounding soccer action, laugh-out-loud moments, and truly mind-blowing surprises, as Snoop Dogg is here with his latest comedy flick - The Underdoggs.

The Underdoggs on OTT

The movie will be released on Amazon Prime Video on January 26, 2024, as it has been backed by Amazon MGM Studios. Snoop Dogg laces up for a double play. Not only starring as a down-and-out football player turned coach, but also flexing his muscles behind the scenes. The trailer serves up a taste of the film's laugh-out-loud moments and inspiring underdog spirit.

Snoop Dogg's own football team

For the unversed, Snoop Dogg has founded his own Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) in 2005 along with Khalil Wadood. Through football and cheerleading, SYFL provides a safe and inclusive space for children from diverse backgrounds to develop essential life skills. From building character and integrity to encouraging discipline and teamwork. It also plays a vital role in bringing communities together, promoting fair play and creating a sense of shared passion for sports.


The Underdoggs story

Hence you can expect the passion in his acting in The Underdoggs. The film tells a story about a famous footballer named Jaycen, who fell on hard times and made bad choices in the past. He put himself into huge trouble, and now has to coach a young, messy football team in his hometown, to avoid serving time in jail. Jaycen thought this could help bring back his love for the game. While training the kids, he met up with an old girlfriend and some friends from his playing days. While working with the team, he cherishes how much he enjoyed football before, and now maybe he could even make things right in his life.

Snoop Godd's viral smoking prank

Back in November 2023, The rapper made huge headlines after shocking fans that he left smoking weed, for which he is famous mostly. He shared on social media that after several discussions with his family, and considerations, he took the decision. But later the whole video shows that it was just a prank. Dogg was sitting next to a solo stove, a special fire pit, It's designed to burn wood super efficiently with minimal smoke, and it looks sleek and stylish.

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