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The Vince Staples Show – OTT release date, trailer, first look, plot, cast, and more

The American rapper Vince Staples is back with another comedy show, after his critically acclaimed drama - White Men Can't Jump in 2023

The Vince Staples Show – OTT release date, trailer, first look, plot, cast, and more

The Vince Staples Show

Last Updated: 10.10 PM, Jan 17, 2024


Vince Staples aka Vincent Jamal Staples is not only a renowned rapper and singer, but he's also a classic comedian. He rose to fame while collaborating with Earl Sweatshirt in his ‘Earl Mixtape’, a group album called - Journey to the 5th Echelon in 2010, and another album by Earl called - Doris in 2013. Later his first debut solo project - ‘Hell Can't Wait’ became an instant hit, and marked hist first single to top the Billboard 200 Chart in 2014.

When and where to watch the comedy drama

Vince Staples made his acting debut with crime-drama Dope in 2015, where several other A-list musicians are there like - A$AP Rocky, Tyga, and Batman-famed Zoë Kravitz. Staples made a huge mark as a comedy actor, and now he's coming back with his own show - The Vicne Staples Show. The five-episode series will be released on February 15, 2024 only on Netflix.

What does the trailer show?

The Vince Staples Show is all about the rapper’s dealing with his day-to-day life, which is not-so-special according to him. After returning home, when his girlfriend asks her how was his day, he gets a flashback on his whole day, and we get to see some rollercoaster ride of thirlls. We get to see Vince entering into a prison to make some sneak out from jail.

Later when again her girlfriend asks him if anything interesting happed, we again get to see Vince getting intor trouble with some goons, who are trying to shoot him, and ironically, it's just like another day for him! Then he tells his girlfriend that nothing special really happed. And this makes us believe that this kind of happening everyday in his life, and he's totally used to it.


The Vince Staples Show

According to official synopsis, The Vicne Staples Show is loosely based on Vince Staples’ real-life story. It's not a documentary, but it takes inspiration from his life as a rapper and actor. You will get to see some familiar themes and even some real-life events, but with some fictional twists.

Vince Staples' last project

Vince Staples was last seen in White Men Can't Jump in 2023. The movie is a sports-comedy drama. He worked in the pivotal role of Speedy. It's a story about two basketball players, totally opposite poles, unexpectedly discover they might share more than just a love for hoops. It's like they were on different planets before, but now they found out bridges they never knew were actually there! Watch the sports-drama on Disney+ Hotstar.

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