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The Wages of Fear teaser trailer – The race against time and volatile shipment in hostile terrain begins

Netflix is ready with a French action thriller this time, a remake of a 1953 film titled The Wages of Fear. Releasing the teaser, Tudum has set aflame the anticipation of a worthy race against time. 

The Wages of Fear teaser trailer – The race against time and volatile shipment in hostile terrain begins
The powerhouse team of four that may save the day in The Wages of War

Last Updated: 12.44 PM, Jan 30, 2024


The Wages of Fear is Netflix’s upcoming addition to its booming vault of international cinema. With recent additions of Spanish projects like Society of the Snow, Korean ones like Badland Hunters, and upcoming Polish ones like Mire Millennium, Tudum is really widening its appeal to a global audience. The Wages of Fear is the latest adaptation of the 1953 film of the same name. Both films are, again, based on the 1950 French novel Le Salaire da le peur.

Release date and teaser trailer of The Wages of Fear

The upcoming The Wages of Fear dropped its teaser trailer today, revealing not only its release date but also offering a fleeting glimpse of the tale that is to follow. Releasing on March 29, 2024, the film will be directed by French action connoisseur Julien Leclercq, who is acclaimed for films like Netflix’s Earth & Blood (2020), Chrysalis (2007), as well as the 2021 Netflix series Ganglands.


Cast and contents of the teaser trailer

The teaser, starring Alban Lenoir, Franck Gastambide, Ana Girardot, and Sofiane Zermani, among others, offers a cursory view of the plot as well as the dangers scattered in their ill-fated 800-km-long journey within 20 hours. The film’s teaser does not appear to stray far from the original plot, but nothing can be guaranteed about the iconic erstwhile climax. The story follows four down-on-their-luck European individuals who are forced to team up for a dangerous adventure.

The Wages of Fear centres around an oil well near a refugee camp in the desert that catches fire, threatening the lives of those nearby. Now, the company owning the oil well must figure out a way to avert the debacle. The only option they find is transporting volatile nitroglycerin in unstable containers via trucks over a rough terrain of 800 km in under 20 hours. Not to mention, their path is full of armed bandits, rebels, minefields, and hostile landforms.

Who else but this unlucky powerhouse team, with little to lose, will venture forth on such an adventure with only two trucks and little protection from the dangers ahead? The race against time and death has begun. Those who have watched the vintage 1953 film know the answer, but the new film may offer newer resolutions and fresher appeal to the current audience, along with a thrilling adventure and nail-biting moments of tension.

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