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#TheExtraOrdiNAARIs: I celebrate Women's Day by spending time with female survivors, says Somy Ali

The actress cum NGO founder was in an exclusive interview with OTT PLAY 

#TheExtraOrdiNAARIs: I celebrate Women's Day by spending time with female survivors, says Somy Ali
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Last Updated: 03.01 PM, Mar 08, 2023


After having made her debut in Bollywood in the nineties, actress Somy Ali went onto work with stars like Suniel Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan and many others. A few years later and many films later, Somy Ali packed her bags and moved onto USA forever. It is here, from where she runs an NGO called ‘No More Tears’ and works tirelessly for rape and domestic violence victims. OTT Play caught up with the stunning Somy Ali on the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’ to know her take and perspective of the day and what does this day mean to her.

About her plans to celebrate ‘Women’s Day’ Somy Ali said, “I celebrate this day by spending time with all the female survivors. My NGO ‘No More Tears’ have rescued many victims, who are now living abuse-free and healthy lives. It's hard to express in words the joy I witness when I see them doing well and thriving considering all the abuse they have endured. I am proud to say that as women we are extremely resilient and if we get the right amount of help, there is no stopping us from being successful”.

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She added, “This day (March 8) is perhaps the most significant day for every woman in our world. There is a reason we use the term ‘Mother Nature’ and not the other way around. Given that so much has changed for women over centuries, in terms of them getting basic human rights and progression in many other facets is definitely a celebratory day. Over hundreds of years, women have suffered and while the suffering still prevails, things have progressed for the better.”

When asked about who makes her feel most important as a woman, pat came the reply, “There are far too many to name. But, it’s the ones who have suffered many injustices through dictatorship laws in their countries of origin, or women who are victims of acid attacks, domestic violence, rape survivors, and simply those who did not have a right to think for themselves. Because, the authorities, be it their parents, husbands or any men, who played ‘mind police’ for them and would not allow them to obtain something as simple as an education or even a job. These women, who were able to escape such cruelties and stand on their feet, are my role models. They are real heroines in my movie of life. I look up to the resilient, the brave and the ones who struggled and fought the system in spite of many hurdles and road blocks… those are the women who will always be my heroes.”

Somy Ali concluded saying, “It really hurts to say this, but there will always be a need to have a day to celebrate women. It is we who give birth to men and we deserve our basic human rights. We deserve to make our decisions… whether it is to get married or to have children. It is our right to decide if we want to pursue an education and get a job so that we can be financially independent. Thus, this is perhaps the most important day in the universe for all women. Unless and until the ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ ideology dissipates, things will not change fully for women. I eagerly wait for that day to come, but I am pragmatic enough that it won't be there at least in my lifetime. This does not mean that I will not witness more progression, but the vision and freedom I want for all women to attain is still quite far away for me to witness or grasp”.

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