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Sexual shame can be painful, but these web series are helping break it down

Shows like "Sex Education," "I May Destroy You," "Special," "Euphoria," and "Feel Good" are important to have open conversation about sex and sexuality

Sexual shame can be painful, but these web series are helping break it down

Last Updated: 04.08 PM, Jul 08, 2023


Sexual shame is a deeply ingrained societal issue that can lead to significant emotional distress, inhibiting healthy sexual exploration and expression. However, in recent years, a wave of web series has emerged, embracing the power of storytelling to challenge societal norms and help people overcome sexual shame.

By addressing taboo topics, providing relatable narratives, and fostering open conversations, these shows are empowering viewers and encouraging a more inclusive and accepting society.

Let’s explore some web series that are making a significant impact in this domain and how they could help people overcome sexual shame.

Sex Education
One groundbreaking series that has captured global attention is "Sex Education." Set in a British high school, the show tackles a wide range of sexual topics, including consent, LGBTQIA+ issues, and body image. By presenting relatable characters with their own struggles and insecurities, the series helps make sexual shame a shared experience. "Sex Education" offers an inclusive and sex-positive perspective, promoting empathy, understanding, and the importance of open communication in healthy relationships.

I May Destroy You
"I May Destroy You" is a gripping drama series that explores the aftermath of sexual assault and the complex issues surrounding consent. This powerful show delves into the psychological impact of such experiences, debunking myths and shedding light on the complexities of navigating trauma. What is important is that the series confronts sexual shame head-on.

"Special" is a heartfelt comedy series that centres around a young gay man with cerebral palsy. By highlighting the intersectionality of sexuality and disability, the show challenges preconceived notions and breaks down barriers. "Special" fosters a sense of self-acceptance and self-love, with characters who embrace their unique identities and celebrate their sexuality, regardless of societal expectations or limitations.

"Euphoria" tackles sensitive topics like addiction, mental health, and sexuality, painting a raw and honest picture of the challenges faced by today's youth. The series fearlessly explores the complexities of sexual shame, illustrating the pressures and expectations that can hinder healthy sexual exploration. By portraying diverse characters with relatable struggles, "Euphoria" shows empathy and understanding, opening up conversations about topics once deemed taboo.

Feel Good
"Feel Good" is a British comedy-drama that explores addiction, relationships, and sexuality. The series follows the life of a stand-up comedian navigating love and self-discovery while addressing her past struggles with substance abuse. By presenting an authentic portrayal of sexual fluidity and the challenges of embracing one's true self, "Feel Good" fosters a greater acceptance of diverse sexual identities.

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