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This Ponniyin Selvan 2 criticism is viral. Fans of book upset with Mani Ratnam for this reason

Fans of the beloved Tamil novel have expressed disappointment with director Mani Ratnam's big-screen adaptation, Ponniyin Selvan 2. 

This Ponniyin Selvan 2 criticism is viral. Fans of book upset with Mani Ratnam for this reason
A photo from the sets of Ponniyin Selvan. (Photo: Twitter/Ashwin Kakumanu)

Last Updated: 01.33 PM, May 04, 2023


Fans of the beloved Tamil novel, Ponniyin Selvan, have expressed disappointment with the movie adaptation's portrayal of the character Sendhan Amudhan. The criticism came after a user's comment on social media pointed out that the character, who plays a significant role in the book, has been given a lacklustre treatment in director Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan 2 .

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Ponniyin Selvan 2. If you haven't seen the movie yet and wish to avoid spoilers, please refrain from reading further. Fans have been discussing a significant twist in the movie's ending and how Mani Ratnam has made changes to the source material, which may affect your viewing experience.


According to the user, in the book, Sendhan Amudhan is depicted as an innocent and selfless character who saves Vanthiyadevan's life, gets caught by Pazhuvettaraiyar men, and is then sent to jail. He is portrayed as someone who never expects anything in return for his good deeds, and even after Poonguzhali rejects him, he holds no ill feelings towards her. However, in the movie adaptation, Sendhan Amudhan's character is not given the attention that fans had hoped for.

Fans expressed disappointment that the movie deviated from the book by making Madhuranthagan the king and naming him Uthama Chozhan, instead of Sendhan Amudhan. The fans pointed out that in the book, Sendhan Amudhan is revealed to be the son of Sembiyan Maadevi, making him the rightful heir to the throne and earning him the title of Uthama Chozhan.

The comment has since gone viral, with fans expressing their disappointment on social media.

In the movie, Ashwin Kakumanu played the role of Sendhan Amudhan. However, unlike fans, he was content with the opportunity to work with Mani Ratnam regardless of the screen time of his character. "Was glad to be a small part of this epic. Bucket lists of working with Mani sir and working in an epic film were checked off. Enjoy watching #PS2 in theaters!," he tweeted earlier. 

While Mani Ratnam has remained very faithful to Kalki's novel in Pooniyin Selvan 1, he has taken considerable creative freedom for Ponniyin Selvan 2. Not just the ending, he has also interpreted the romantic tension between Aditha Karikalan and Nandini. However, the fans are not very upset with that interpretation given it's one of the most iconic movie moments ever produced in the history of Tamil cinema. 

The big screen adaptation of the epic novel stars Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jayam Ravi, Karthi, Trisha, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, Jayaram, Prabhu, R. Sarathkumar and R. Parthiban. 

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