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Tholvi F.C. trailer: 5 Factors that make the Sharaf U Dheen-starrer a must-watch

Directed by George Kora, Tholvi F.C. also stars Johny Antony, Asha Madathil and Meenakshi Raveendran

Tholvi F.C. trailer: 5 Factors that make the Sharaf U Dheen-starrer a must-watch
Still from the trailer of Tholvi FC

Last Updated: 12.41 PM, Oct 24, 2023


Sharaf U Dheen-starrer Malayalam family drama Tholvi F.C., directed by George Kora, is gearing up for its theatrical release. The makers have released the film’s trailer, hinting at a dramedy featuring a dysfunctional family. The movie also features Johny Antony, Asha Madathil, Althaf Salim and Meenakshi Raveendran in pivotal roles. It’s scheduled to hit the theatres on November 3, along with Sursesh Gopi’s legal drama Garudan. Here are five factors that make Tholvi F.C. a must-watch this November…

1. Sharaf U Dheen in a comedic role

Known for his comic timing and effortless portrayal of humorous characters on screen, Sharaf U Dheen has played subtle yet hilarious roles in movies like Madhura Manohara Moham. The actor has done slapstick comedy in films like Premam and 1744 White Alto. The trailer of Tholvi F.C. suggests that Sharaf U Dheen’s character in the movie is tailor-made for him. He plays a struggling café owner, who leaves his IT job to pursue his passion.


2. Johny Antony and his quirks

The presence of Johny in Tholvi F.C. has raised hopes that the film will be an entertaining comedy. In his recent films, Johny has played the role of a lazy father and neighbour, who is known for his quirks. The trailer of Tholvi F.C. also features a typical Johny character, who is involved in the stock market and trying to make money without much effort.

3. Director George Kora

George is recognised for his debut film Thrirke, which deals with the life of a boy with Down Syndrome. As a director, he chose to tackle a serious topic for his first film. Now, Tholvi F.C. also showcases his style as a director. Additionally, George plays a football coach in the movie.

Johny Antony in a still from the trailer of Tholvi FC
Johny Antony in a still from the trailer of Tholvi FC

4. The ‘football’ factor

In the trailer, George’s character is seen as a football coach, who trains young kids in a team named Thambi FC. However, despite his efforts, his team is unable to win any tournaments. Football is a crucial factor in the film, as it resonates with the audience and can be highly beneficial for the overall narrative.

5. A relatable storyline

The movie’s trailer contains several scenes that are quite relatable. Tholvi F.C. focuses on the struggles faced by members of a family and their determination to overcome them. The trailer also highlights the conflicts within the family, and the strong bond between siblings. For instance, there is a scene in which George’s character leaves the dining table with his mobile phone while having food with his family, portraying how people are often too engrossed in their electronic gadgets.

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