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Through My Window 3 Looking at You OTT release date – Spanish trilogy returns for the final chapter of Ares and Raquel’s love story on THIS date

Based on a novel series, the Spanish romantic drama film released Part I in February 2022, followed by a sequel in 2023. Here's everything about the final part of the trilogy...

Through My Window 3 Looking at You OTT release date – Spanish trilogy returns for the final chapter of Ares and Raquel’s love story on THIS date
Stills from Through My Window 3

Last Updated: 08.54 PM, Jan 28, 2024


Through My Window 3: Looking at You is the third and final part of the romantic drama film Through My Window trilogy rolling out on Netflix in the coming February. Directed by Marçal Forés, the movie is based on the novel series by Ariana Godoy. The first part was released in February 2022 and entails a teen drama of intimacy and an on-off relationship between the leads. The second part, Through My Window: Across the Sea was also released on the streaming platform in 2023. Here’s more about the character and cast you need to know...

Film Name Through My Window 3
Director Marçal Forés
Language Spanish
Genre Romance, drama
Streaming date February 23
OTT platform Netflix
Cast  Julio Peña, Clara Galle and Pilar Castro
Screenplay by Eduard Sola

When and where to watch

The final chapter of Raquel and Ares’s love tale will unfold on streaming platform Netflix, where the previous two installments are also available. Clara Galle and Julio Peña Fernández-starrer Through My Window 3 will stream on February 23. Both the lead characters will be reprising their roles and carrying the ignited flame of romance and flirtatious strings in the upcoming third installment.

Through My Window 3: Looking at You plot and cast

The main cast is led by Spanish actors Clara Galle and Julio Peña Fernández (played by Raquel and Ares) reprising their previous characters. While the supporting cast features new characters as well as old characters adding their value to the story, it includes the Hidalgo brothers Eric Masip as Artemis (elder sibling) and Hugo Arbués as Apolo (younger sibling), Natalia Azahara plays Raquel's friend, Daniela, Emilia Lazo portrays Claudia, Pilar Castro portrays Rosa María and Rachel Lascar plays Sofía Hidalgo.

The latest trailer dropped last week and portrayed the return of the magical chemistry between the leads even when they decide to move on and are with different partners. It also depicts an interesting dynamic relationship between the elder Hidalgo brother and his lover who is lower in class.

Watch the final trailer here:


In the previous installment, we witness Ares and Raquel decide to split ways because they are unable to figure stuff together as a couple following a challenging summer. However, their affection and yearning for one another becomes clear when they reunite in Barcelona over the winter. It will be intriguing to discover if they will be able to reunite and start their beginning or will it end once and for all!

On February 23, Netflix will bring back Raquel and Ares's passionate romance with Through My Window: Looking at You.

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