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Throwback to when Hrithik Roshan was 'just another assistant director' for father Rakesh Roshan

The director also talked about how he had 'failed' as an actor but his superstar son did things he couldn't do. 

Throwback to when Hrithik Roshan was 'just another assistant director' for father Rakesh Roshan
The father-son duo are known to share a close relationship
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 06.06 AM, Sep 06, 2022


The veteran filmmaker, who turned 73 on September 6, spoke about how he had once treated his superstar son Hrithik Roshan as just another employee working under him in Karan Arjun. He revealed, in an interview fro 2017, that Hrithik was made to use local transport and denied priviledges such as using the family car. 

Back in the day, Rakesh Roshan's parenting skills involved imparting life lessons to his only Hrithik by making him travel by buses, autos and buses. Accroding to a previous interview, the filmmaker accepted his 'failure' as an actor and spoke who his son had realised all his dreams. 

The doting dad had also revealed at the time that before launching his son's Bollywood career with Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai, he was very strict with him.

The proud father also talked about his son's achievements as an actor and spoke highly of his ability to work hard for his dreams, adding that the superstar had a few ups and downs in his career. 

"Hrithik has done the things I could not do in my life. He’s a superstar, he is idolised by so many across the world. But he’s my son and he makes me a proud father," Roshan Senior had said at the time to DNA.

It was also revealed by him that Hrithik had to travel in taxis, autos or buses, and was not allowed to use the family car on the set of Karan Arjun when he had assisted his father.

He added Hrithik was 'just another assistant director' on set.

"After graduating from college, he (Hrithik) was selected to learn special effects abroad. But he chose to be here and started working with me on Karan Arjun. As an assistant director. I was very strict with him. I made sure he would not sit with us for lunches, dinners. He would not travel in my car. Instead, he would travel with the other ADs, in taxis, autos or buses. We would be having breakfast on the same table at home, but on the set, he was not my son, but just another assistant. He would have to share a room with three other people and have food with them. That’s the way I thought he would learn much better," Rakesh Roshan said.