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Toby: Raj B Shetty explains why cutting the trailer of the film was a tough task

The trailer of Toby was launched on August 4 and has amassed over 3 million views since then

Toby: Raj B Shetty explains why cutting the trailer of the film was a tough task
Raj B Shetty in and as Toby

Last Updated: 06.19 PM, Aug 05, 2023


August 4 was a big day for the team of the upcoming Kannada film Toby. After days of keeping their film shrouded in mystery, finally they were in a position to give audiences a glimpse of what is in store, when the trailer was launched. In the run-up to the trailer release, Raj had only been saying that Toby is a film that used his full potential as a technician and artiste – one that left him exhausted and bruised, but happy. In media interactions he described the film as a character-driven mass film.

The film, written by Raj, is based on a story by TK Dayanand. Raj liked the protagonist of the tale, Toby, and wrote a script and screenplay with more cinematic flavour around this character. In the trailer, Raj, as Toby is seen as a young simpleton, with a bit of a violent streak, whose innocence is misused by forces around him. His transformational journey of when his world crumbles into a man on revenge mode is what the trailer tells us the film is about.

Speaking to the media after the online launch of the trailer, Raj said that cutting the trailer of Toby was quite a complicated task. While the trailer reveals a bunch of stuff about the protagonist and the people in his life, Raj and his team, including editor Prateek Shetty, had to ensure that some pivotal plot points remained untold. The promise, said Raj, is that the film has far more elements than what is in the trailer. Like, for instance, the conflict that drives Toby from leading a simple family life to the dark side. While the presence of a villain is established, the fate of Samyukta Hornad’s character, and why Toby becomes Maari are plot points that have to be seen when the film opens in theatres on August 25.

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