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'Today they roam around being the biggest feminists': Raveena Tandon recalls how 'the 90s gossip magazines were the worst'

Raveena Tandon also recalled how she was addressed as "thunder thighs" back then.

'Today they roam around being the biggest feminists': Raveena Tandon recalls how 'the 90s gossip magazines were the worst'
Raveena Tandon/Instagram

Last Updated: 11.43 AM, Feb 07, 2023


In an interview with ANI, Raveena Tandon talked about a wide range of topics, such as body shaming and harmful gossip magazines that can hurt someone's career. Raveena said very clearly that the worst gossip magazines were from the 1990s when she was asked about gossip magazines from the past. Now that she thinks about it, some of those women are out and about today wearing an emblem for women's emancipation on their chests. They were the worst kind of women's adversaries; they body-shamed, slut-shamed, and would do everything to knock down another woman. They are the most outspoken feminists today; she wonders when that was.

Even now, Raveena is praised for her attractiveness and physical grace. The average person believes she has never been body shamed in the industry. When the actor talked to the media agency, she said that she had been called a lot of different names. Thunder thighs, TTs, and 90s Ke Kholo are all things mentioned. The actor went on by saying that she was genuinely quite fat. Raveena started at the age of 16 and a half and was stuffed with baby fat, which is still present today. Even though she no longer cares, she is acting in that manner.

When informed that she was making things up, Raveena thought of some of these titles. She is not the only heroine with this moniker; other heroines have it as well. In addition, rather than helping women, what they actually did was let all the women editors fall in love with the heroes. The heroes' final words were what they said. If he wanted to ruin a woman's reputation, he would publish bad things about her in publications, which would be the end of her career. Because some hero went and declared, "Acha, uske baare mein, ab aisa likh do," and it would be the last word, there were so many incorrect articles published. Also, if there was an apology, it would say in the last line of some other issues of the magazine that the original story turned out to be false. Raveena quizzed, "Who then will read that?" The shrill headlines had already covered the news.

After she got married, Raveena realised that she didn't like the viciousness of journalism in the 1990s at all.

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