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Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 6 review: Taiju is the focus once again

Things are getting intense in Tokyo Revengers and Taiju takes control in his hands again

Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 6 review: Taiju is the focus once again
Tokyo Revengers S2.

Last Updated: 12.41 AM, Feb 16, 2023



Takemichi has to travel in the past in order to save his girlfriend Hina. Is he taking the right steps?


Hakkai is the biggest surprise just as soon as you enter the world of Tokyo Revengers' episode 6. He has revenge on his mind, which is not surprising, given how Taiju is. How things play out, though, will be interesting.

Koko and Inupi have a story to tell this time. They kind of represent Black Dragon.

Baji re-enters the scene and takes the show to a whole new level. His fight with Chifuyu comes as a huge surprise.

Takemichi makes an entry on the show much later this time.

Kisaki does not come as a surprise. He is in fact the same character as always.

Yuzuha is the surprise he couldn't be. She is the embodiment of women empowerment.

Taiju is the one who takes control even in this episode. His various shades make this one an interesting watch.


Tokyo Revengers always had two sides – one is the brutal side and the other is the heartwarming one. This time, you get to see the brutal side, only to hope that the show stays true to its theme and shows the painful and heartwarming side too.

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