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Tokyo Vice Season 2 OTT release – The crime drama with a first-hand view of the Yakuza underbelly is coming back on THIS date

Tokyo Vice S2 OTT release date – Tokyo Vice fans may rejoice, as the show is coming back with its second season this month. The trailer features an electrifying season with powerful action scenes. 

Tokyo Vice Season 2 OTT release – The crime drama with a first-hand view of the Yakuza underbelly is coming back on THIS date
A poster of Tokyo Vice Season 2

Last Updated: 06.09 PM, Feb 04, 2024


Tokyo Vice Season 2 is releasing this month on HBO Max. Indian viewers can stream the latest season on JioCinema with a premium subscription. Created by J. T. Rogers, the second season arrives nearly two years after its premiere in June 2022. The show had resonated well among the audience for being loosely based on the ‘true events’ of the 2009 memoir by Jake Adelstein.

Release date and Trailer of Tokyo Vice Season 2

He was an American journalist who had wanted to explore the neon-drenched, Yakuza-infested underbelly of Tokyo. Jake Adelstein is also the protagonist of the show Tokyo Vice, and his role is essayed by West Side Story actor Ansel Elgort. The second season of Tokyo Vice will drop February 8 onwards, two episodes a week.


A brief recap of Tokyo Vice

The show follows the joint journalistic and investigative ventures of Jake Adelstein and Ken Watanabe’s Hiroto Katagiri as they attempt to shed light on the shadowy and illicit world of the deadly Japanese yakuza. While the first season saw Jake get used to his life, new friends, budding romance, as well as the seedy and ruthless Tokyo underbelly, it also saw him become the first foreign-born journalist at his Japanese news organization.

The answers to the cliffhangers of Tokyo Vice lies in the next season

There, he begins unravelling the intricate crime web of Tokyo, where the power is shared among the impoverished, seedy thugs and the rich, sleazy crime lords. Season 2 of Tokyo Vice will offer crucial resolutions to the multiple cliffhangers of Season 1. The fate of Sato is glimpsed in the trailer as well, and his fate still appears uncertain.

As for Adelstein, he needs to check how deep he digs, and not “be stupid” as his close ones constantly remind him. Else, he may end up digging a grave for himself and his close people, without realizing, especially with a pissed-off Shinzo Tozawa hot on his trail.

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