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When Tom Holland revealed the hardest stunt sequence he ever did and it wasn't from the Spider-Man trilogy - Find the answer inside

Tom Holland has made a career out of being that A Lister who can perform his own stunts with ease and charm. 

When Tom Holland revealed the hardest stunt sequence he ever did and it wasn't from the Spider-Man trilogy - Find the answer inside
Tom Holland On The Most Difficult Action Sequence Of His Career

Last Updated: 07.36 PM, May 16, 2024


While Spider-Man is a next-door boy who has the powers and gymnastic prowess with which he beats the bad men, Tom Holland is an actor who doesn't walk around with web-slinging superpowers, of course. But he has mastered gymnastic skills over the years. His audition video for Marvel and the on-set BTS footage that has him shooting for his Spider-Man trilogy prove how hardworking he is and how well he can handle the franchise on his shoulders. As Spider-Man, he has starred in over 5 films, including his trilogy Avengers: Endgame, Infinity War, and Captain America: Civil War. But would you believe that he actually did not name any of the aforementioned movies when he was told to talk about the most difficult action sequence he has ever done?


Tom Holland On The Toughest Action Sequence

Yes, you are right. It was in 2022 when Tom Holland spoke about the toughest action sequence of his career, just a couple of months away from the release of his monstrously successful Spider-Man: No Way Home. But Holland did not name any stunt from that film or any Marvel film for that matter, as his most difficult action sequence. He rather went on to talk about the most unexpected, and it is the opening sequence from Uncharted. Yes, Uncharted. The actor has had the toughest action sequence in the action flick that he has led. Read on to learn more.

If you have seen Uncharted, there is a flash-forward scene in the opening where you see Drake, played by Tom Holland, clinging to the cargo boxes in the air. He climbs up the boxes while dodging bullets and also fighting the bad men. Holland says it took months to shoot that entire sequence and the technique used was not just fascinating but supremely demanding. The actor, as per Yahoo Entertainment, said, “It took months to film that. We had these things called cougar arms, which are like the robotic arms you see used to make cars. And then they would attach these big boxes to the robot in a row and then they shot it vertically.”

Tom Holland added, “So most of the sequence was shot that way so we could simulate the notion that we were flying through the air. And basically, all I had to do was hang onto these boxes and make my way up. And then we designed fight sequences with various different stunt guys throughout the route. The hardest part of it was that we were shooting small pieces at a time because the way the wire work was designed with the moving machinery was obviously very dangerous. So we had to take it really slowly.”

Calling the sequence his hardest stunt sequence event, Tom Holland said, "It's easily the hardest action sequence I've ever done, but I think it's equally as rewarding. I haven't seen an action sequence like this in a movie for a very long time.”

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