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Tom Holland’s Uncharted 2 on the cards? Mark Wahlberg drops hint and here's everything we know so far

Uncharted released in 2022 and started Tom Holland alongside Mark Wahlberg. 

Tom Holland’s Uncharted 2 on the cards? Mark Wahlberg drops hint and here's everything we know so far

Uncharted 2 Update

Last Updated: 04.50 PM, Jun 18, 2024


With everything happening around the gaming world, even those who do not play games have started to take an interest. Of course, we are talking about movies and shows adapted from video games, which have been appreciated and popular for a long time. The first IP that comes to mind when we think of games adapted into feature shows and films is The Last Of Us, which now moves to its second season. However, even Tom Holland has a franchise that he kickstarted in the recent past, which was well-received. Yes, we are talking about Uncharted, the movie in which Holland starred as Nathan Drake. While the film managed to do good numbers during its theatrical run, we are yet to hear anything about the second part. 

Uncharted 2 Is Happening?

The rumors around Uncharted 2 started floating even before the first film was out of theaters and onto its streaming journey. There were rumors about everything from the plot to the schedule, even the release date. But the buzz soon faded, and there was nothing being discussed about the franchise. The makers did not even give a single update on the sequel, which bothered the loyal fans who were still waiting for one. The makers are still very much adamant about not breaking their silence on the sequel, but that is not stopping Mark Wahlberg, it seems. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

Uncharted Stills
Uncharted Stills

Mark Wahlberg plays one of the most pivotal parts in Uncharted. He plays Victor aka Sully, a performance that is loved by everyone. But as per a Screen Rant report, the actor has now seemingly confirmed Uncharted 2 while talking about his projects. The actor candidly spoke about the script of the film, while nothing has been confirmed by the studio yet. Mark confirmed that he has been told to start growing his mustache as a prep for his return as Sully. The actor even went to the length of saying that the script had been turned in but refused to give more details about it.

However, one should take this update with a pinch of salt because the studio has not confirmed Uncharted 2 as of now and is still far from doing so because there is no buzz even in the rumor realm. Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg is known for giving such updates that have no concrete future. The last time, he spoke about the Six Billion Dollar Man project, which never really happened. Even if Mark is truthful and there are conversations about the sequel to Uncharted 2, this does not mean the sequel will see the light of day until the makers come out and confirm it.

About Uncharted

In Uncharted, treasure hunter Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan recruits Nathan Drake, a street-smart chap, to get his hands on a 500-year-old lost fortune amassed by explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The film that begins as a heist soon becomes a globe-trotting race to get the prize before the ruthless Santiago Moncada. Sully and Nate need to learn to work together if they want to solve the world’s oldest mysteries and win a $5 billion treasure.

Uncharted Stills
Uncharted Stills

The movie did not open to entirely positive critic responses but did manage to bring in footfalls to the cinema halls. Uncharted streams on SonyLIV in India and can be watched with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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