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Too much exercise, strict diet: Sayanatani Guhathakurta falls ill

Sayanatani Guhathakurta fell on the floor at her residence and stayed blacked out for 15 minutes.

Too much exercise, strict diet: Sayanatani Guhathakurta falls ill
Sayantani Guhathakurta

Last Updated: 09.53 PM, Jun 25, 2024


Young actress Sayanatani Guhathakurta was unwell. She fell on the floor and stayed senseless for 15 minutes. The actress had a midnight hunger pang. At 3 am she woke up at home and went to the kitchen to boil an egg. However, suddenly she blacked out. After gaining consciousness, she could not move her right leg. She managed to drag herself to the sofa but was not in the state to call anyone.

Later, Sayantani called her friend Suman, who rushed to her house. The actress told Anandabazar Online, “This happened due to excessive exercise and a strict diet. The doctor said that the bone in my foot is fractured.” 

Sayantani is now working on three films. She is currently having a strict exercise and diet to get slim for the sake of the movie. Does the demand to change the body in a limited period result in such mishaps for the people in the entertainment world? The actress replied, “What can I do? We have to change our body as demanded by our profession.” She also said that she did not have for four months, till February, any work after her dengue She started working in March. 

The shooting of the film Mon O Bhromon, directed by Rajorshee De, will start at the end of July or the beginning of August.

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