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Toofan: 'Dustu Kokil boy' Manav Sachdev opens up about his fame

Besides Shakib Khan and Mimi Chakraborty, Dustu Kokil also features a handsome young actor, Manav Sachdev. 

Toofan: 'Dustu Kokil boy' Manav Sachdev opens up about his fame
Manav Sachdev

Last Updated: 02.02 PM, Jun 27, 2024


The song Dustu Kokil Dake Ku Ku from the film Toofan is now viral in both West Bengal and Bangladesh. People from West Bengal and Bangladesh are now busy making reels with the song from Toofan, where Shakib Khan and Mimi Chakraborty played the leads. Besides these two lead actors, Dustu Kokil also features a handsome young actor, Manav Sachdev. 


Manav is seen for just a few seconds with Mimi and lip-synced four lines from the song. For the audience, that was enough to shower love. Bangladesh now knows Manav as the Dustu Kokil Boy. How did he, hailing from Kolkata, get the offer? 

In an interview with Sangbad Pratidin Digital, Manav said, “There is a saying that whatever the universe wrote for you will happen. This happened to me. I suddenly got the offer. Now see, those few seconds got viral on social media.”

Manav further added, “The decision was made all of a sudden. They called me and asked where I was. They told me to come immediately. Maybe it was what God wanted. I was perhaps for only thirty seconds in the song, and that became viral. I never thought that such a thing could happen. I worked on several projects previously but never got such love. I am speechless. This is like a surprise to me.” 

How was the experience of sharing the screen with Shakib Khan and Mimi Chakraborty? Manav said, “It was brilliant. When I first saw Shakib on the set, I understood why he was a superstar. He carried an aura that can’t be explained in words. Mimi, on the other hand, was also wonderful. I was lucky to share the screen with them.” 

The film will soon be released in India. But it is already a blockbuster in Bangladesh. The rumor is, that in Dustu Kokil Shakib suddenly shoots Manav who falls on the dance floor, in the film Manav’s character is a surprise. It is also heard that the film Toofan 2 will start with Manav's sudden death. Is it true? Manav replied, “I can't talk about my character. Let it be a surprise. And I can't say anything about Toofan 2. I don't know how the director is planning the story.”

Manav was also seen in Srijit Mukherji's film Shah Jahan Regency. He also acted in the serial Saheber Chithi on Star Jalsha. He worked in many ad films and a music video with Darshana Banik. The actor was also seen in the Hindi serial Rishton Ka Manjha. He recently acted in a Hindi film with Kajal Agarwal and Tinnu Anand. The actor said, “My only goal is to work. God will deliver the result in the appropriate time, just like Dustu Kokil.” 

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