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Top 5 must watch Marathi films on Zee 5

If you are wondering about what to do on this weekend, here are our suggestions to catch up with the Top 5 must watch Marathi films on Zee 5

Top 5 must watch Marathi films on Zee 5
Top 5 must watch Marathi films on Zee 5

Last Updated: 10.30 PM, Apr 07, 2024


With the weekend started, many of you must be wondering about what films to be watched. That’s when we bring in our recommendations of the top 5 must watch Marathi films on Zee 5.


Deeol Bandh
Producer: Jayashree Kailas Wani, Juili Kailas Wani
Director: Pravin Tarde, Pranit Kulkarni
Starcast: Gashmeer Mahajani, Girija Joshi, Mohan Joshi

Story plot:
The film is an exciting story of modernism vis a vis spirituality. The story revolves around the life of Dr. Raghav (Gashmeer Mahajani), a bright spark working in NASA. Upon his arrival in India, he is totally stunned to see the amount of ‘blind faith’ that the people here have in Gods. Raghav not just refuses to be one of the blind followers of God, but also lands up challenging many a norm in the bargain.

Life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters the God Swami Samarth (Mohan Joshi) himself. Raghav, who is on a secret and top priority mission of NASA, gets guided by Swami himself. But, since he does not want to believe in His blind faith, he is on his own journey.

There comes a time when he is forced to believe in the existence of God. Will he accept his ‘defeat’ and surrender himself at the pious feet of God or will he still continue to live a head string life is what forms the rest of the film.

Dharmaveer Mukkam Post Thane
Producer: Mangesh Desai
Director: Pravin Tarde
Starcast: Prasad Oak, Kshitish Date, Makarand Paddhye

Story plot: The film is a ‘reel-life’ presentation of what the legendary political leader Anant Dighe was in real life. The lucky man to be portraying the role of the ‘people’s man’ Anant Dighe is none other than Prasad Oak. The resemblance of him with ‘Dighe saaheb’ (as he is foindly called) was so impactful, that at the time of the film’s announcement, Maharashtra Chief Minster Eknath Shinde landed up touching his feet, as he was extremely close to Dighe saab.

The film starts off with a news reporter Tanvi Mahapatra (Shruti Marathe) doing her assignment of covering the 20th memorial service of Anand Dighe saab in Thane. Armed with only the information available on the internet, she lands up in Thane, where she meets an ‘auto rickshaw driver’ (Gashmeer Mahajani), who tells her to meet the common man in order to know about Dighe saab, rather than relying on the internet.

What happens when Tanvi starts meeting the common man and who exactly is the ‘rickshaw driver’ and in what way he is related to Anant Dighe saab is what forms the rest of the interesting film.

: Ashwini Darekar
Director: Abhijit Panse
Mahesh Manjrekar, Pushkar Shrotri, Santosh Juvekar, Aaroh Velankar

Story plot:
First things first. The USP of this Marathi neo-noir film is that, it had been shot in a non-chronological order. For the unversed, the film’s plot constantly oscillates in time. The film’s plot revolves around a college teenager named Anirudha Rege and the turn his life takes when he crosses path with a deadly gangster. Amongst all this, there also exists a police inspector named Inspector Pradeep Sharma and his obsession with the figure 100 (which, eventually gets unveiled as the film progresses).

In what way the paths cross of Rege, Pradeep Sharma and the deadly gangster M Bhai and what happens to everyone in the end (esp. Rege) is what forms the rest of the extremely intriguing film.

Producer: Priyanka Chopra, Madhu Chopra
Director: Rajesh Mapuskar
Starcast: Ashutosh Gowariker, Jitendra Joshi, Sulbha Arya, Sukanya Kulkarni

Story plot: The film started to make news because of the fact that, the film was being produced by none other than Priyanka Chopra and her mother Madhu Chopra. In addition to that, the stellar star cast and the able direction of Rajesh Mapuskar helped the film in a big way.

The film’s story revolves around everyone’s beloved Gajanan Karmerkar aka Gajju Kaka, who slips into a comma, just days before Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Upon reaching the hospital, there are a few ‘relatives’ of Gajju kaka, who land up forgetting the real reason to visit the hospital and they actually start their own journey of conversations.

The film also mirrors an extremely complex journey and take on inter-personal and intra-personal relationships and the priorities after which the humans run even during a life and death situation.

On Duty 24 Taas
Producer: Pankaj Shah, Vina Dimanshu Mehta, Pradip Goradiya
Director: Kedar Shinde
Starcast: Sanjeevani Jadhav, Amol Kolhe, Mayura Palande

Story plot:
As the title suggests, the film is about the men in uniform. The film shows how Maharashtra Government lands up creating (read ‘forming’) an all-efficient Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), a division which is headed by Karan Bedi (Dr. Amol Kolhe). The film takes a new twist when Karan Bedi lands up forming his own team which consists of suspended officers. What happens after that is what forms the rest of the film. All in all, an extremely interesting film by all means and also a must watch!

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