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Top 5 romantic web series on ULLU 2024

Even if you are romantic or a non-romantic person, these five romantic web series on ULLU will surely make you believe in love!

Top 5 romantic web series on ULLU 2024
Top 5 romantic web series on ULLU app

Last Updated: 12.48 PM, Apr 12, 2024


Even though Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year, does that mean that there is only one day to celebrate love! The emotion of love is such an emotion that can be celebrated the year through, every hour, every minute, every second! Did you know that the recent releases on ULLU app mirrors the same emotion! 

For all your needs of seeing thrillers, dramas, web series, ULLU app offers everything under one roof! Here’s presenting the top 5 romantic web series, which can be seen on ULLU app. These web series have been selected based on the love shown by the audiences for these web series. The following web series are the ones which have been released in the year 2024.

Chote Bhai Ki Patni Ko Bataya Raaz | Navel Of Love | Part- 1

The first part of the web series ‘Chote Bhai Ki Patni Ko Bataya Raaz (Navel Of Love)’ has an extremely engaging storyline and a creative one too (you will need to see the series to find out why is it creative!). Added to that are the near-perfect performances by the actors, who make the story come alive in front of your eyes!


This engaging web series has a married lady Mouni in conversation with her brother-in-law Ranjeet, wherein latter confesses to her that, just before her marriage, his brother Debo was chatting with an unknown lady called ‘Laila’ whose handle was ‘Laila ki naabi’. The USP of ‘Laila’s handle was that, the only photograph that was visible on her profile was that of her navel, with which, Debo became extremely obsessed.

Ranjeet also reveals that the main reason that they got Debo married to her was because of her navel! After getting to know Debo’s fetish and weakness for Laila’s navel, Mouni devises a masterplan to get him on the track of love. What masterplan does she hatch and does she become successful in making her husband fall in love with her or will the ‘Ranjeet-factor’ play a spoilsport in their love story what forms the rest of the web series!

Kavita Bhabhi | Season-4 | Part-2

After the love and appreciation that the first part of the extremely popular web series ‘Kavita Bhabhi’ has received, the makers are now out with the second part of the most watched series. Thanks to the natural performances by the star cast, the series makes for a good watch. 

The promo of the series starts off with Kavita’s friend Menaka coming home for tea. And it is during this conversation that, she lands up casually asking the host Kavita about how does she spend time at her house since her naval officer husband Karan will take three more months to come home. And when Kavita tells Menaka about the loneliness that she faces in the absence of Karan, the latter comes up with an idea to keep her engaged throughout.

Will Menaka’s plan for Kavita work out successfully or will it meet a dead end is what forms the rest of the story!

Chawl House | Season - 02 | Part- 02

After the runaway success of the first part of ‘Chawl House’ (season 1), the makers of the series have now brought out the much awaited second part. Thanks to the flawless performances by the star cast and an equally engaging background music, the series becomes one of the most relatable ones on the OTT space today. The icing on the cake, however is the cinematography that makes the series come alive!

The series is about a dashing you man named Rohit who drowns in the memories of the good times that he had spent with Renu. Just as when he thought everything is lost and that he will not be able to meet Renu ever again, life springs a biggest surprise before him by making him come face to face with the lady of his dreams Renu, who co-incidentally comes to his village!

Will Rohit muster up the courage to speak to Renu and confess his feelings for her and will there ever be a romantic liaison between the two individuals is what one will get to see in the rest of the series.

Mastram | Part - 04 |

After the runaway success of Mastram’s first, second and third part, the makers are now ready to enthral the audiences with an extremely engaging fourth part of the series. With a name and actor like Anshuman Jha spearheading the project, could the audiences ask for anything more! Complementing his stellar acting skills is the extremely engaging storyline that the said series boasts of!

The series centres around the life of Rajaram aka Mastram, a writer by profession. The USP of his writings is that, it can actually breathe life even onto inanimate objects. Just as when he is about to go back home, his scooter meets up with a flat tyre. That’s when his wife’s two friends convince him to stay back at their house. After the initial reluctance, when he finally agrees, both the girls get truly impressed with the way he describes their beauty!

Will Rajaram reach to hid destination without any roadblocks or will he stumble upon a few
unexpected sudden breakers in his life are what will be revealed in the romantically engaging series Mastram, which is being streamed now on ULLU app.

Laila | Part – 02

This is definitely one of the most loved web series that one can watch on ULLU app. The actors truly envisage the director’s vision of making this series into an extremely relatable one. Thanks to the extremely relatable script, the series ‘Laila’ will surely find its resonance amongst the audience.

The series ‘Laila’ revolves around a young wannabe actress who is in a relationship with a struggling writer Vishal. Both the individuals understand each other as they both are struggling to find their place under the sun. One fine day, luck strikes Laila when a director offers her work in his film. Upon hearing this, Vishal becomes extremely worried about Laila’s safety.

And when Vishal expresses his concern about Laila’s safety, the latter just does not like it. She doesn’t understand Vishal’s concern towards her, and lands up shouting at him. So much so that, she also contemplates dark future with Vishal.

Will Vishal be able to convince Laila about his career security and also about her safety is what will be revealed in the most awaited series ‘Laila’ part 2. 

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