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Top 5 shows on ShemarooMe that are a must watch

Here’s presenting a list of the top five shows on the OTT platform ShemarooMe that are a must watch

Top 5 shows on ShemarooMe that are a must watch
Top 5 titles on ShemarooMe

Last Updated: 05.20 PM, Apr 04, 2024


If you are planning to binge watch shows which will have you glued to your seats, then, allow us to recommend the following titles only on your favourite OTT platform ShemarooMe.


Title: Ek Accident Ne Roshan Ko Bana Diya Apahij
Director: Ruksar F Khan
Cast: Sahil Khan, Anju Chaturvedi, Ravish Pandey, Priti Gill, Lalli, Annu, Amit Raj, Nishi Khan, Tapan
Genre: Family drama 

Plot summary:
The short film’s story premise is definitely bound to touch every heart as it is just the slice of life drama that has been envisioned by the director, who seems extremely inspired by the happenings in everyone’s daily life. The film mirrors the life of a young man named Roshan. The USP of his life is that he gets born into a rich family and that he is also the only son of the family. Needless to say that, he becomes a spoilt brat in no time.

And when his father and mother get to know about his glamorous lifestyle that he is enjoying with his not-so-good friends, the latter confronts him and tells him to improve his life and lifestyle. Not the one to listen to anyone (esp his parents), Rohan storms out of the house in anger. And in that state of anger, he meets with a sudden accident.

When the police get to know about the accident, they arrive on the spot and start investigating. As a clue they get hold of Rohan’s mobile phone, the cops call up his parents and inform them about the accident. Upon hearing about their son’s sudden accident, both Rohan's father and mother rush to the hospital and meet the doctor, who, in turns, tells them that their son has been paralysed.

That’s when, Rohan’s father devises an extremely novel and unheard-of plan (read ‘method/ treatment) to heal his son.

Title: World Ki Best Mom
Director: Viral Shah
Cast: Manasi Parekh, Ratna Pathak, Dharmendra Gohil, Viraf Patell, Darsheel Safary, Heena Varde, Kumkum Das, Margi Desai, Bhumika Barot, Kausha
Genre: Slice of life 

Plot summary:
The story revolves around the life of a ‘village-bound’ lady (played by Mansi Parekh) whose husband only treats her like a machine that can deliver results as and when asked for. The lady’s life, which is completely house bound, revolves around her ‘non-caring’ husband, her extremely caring son (Darsheel Safari) and her mother-in-law. Will she be able to break the shackles of her in-law’s house and carve a name for herself is what forms the rest of the film.

Title: Atit Ka Saya
Director: Manoj Giri
Cast: Mahima Gupta, Abhishek Sharma, Prince Mahajan, Pooja Rajpoot, Gurnoor Kaur
Genre: Mystery/ Thriller 

Plot summary:
Even though Sonali lives an extremely happy life with her daughter, husband and her mother-in-law, there is something about her ‘past life’ that keeps on haunting her in the form of recurring memories. In order to forget all this and move on, she devises a surprise anniversary gift for her husband by planning a trip to Goa for just the two of them. Little does she know that her past is now all set to challenge and tarnish not just her present, but also her peace of mind. Giving more details about the plot will only mean letting the cat out of the bag!

Title: Toh Rehje Mara Vagar (Gujrati)
Director: Suresh Rajda
Cast: Kamlesh Oza, Namrata Pathak, Meghana Solanki, Khushi Acharya, Yash Gajjar, Vivek Pandya, Kayra Jani
Genre: Romance 

Plot summary:
The story revolves around the young lady named Anushka, who is married for 14 years now. She had the best ever marriage a girl could ever ask for and wish for. Life starts off for her on an extremely sweet note. But, one fine day, she gets the shock of her life. And this shock comes in the form of her husband and his hidden truth!

It now comes to light that Anushka’s husband Advait is actually in love with a young girl named Manali! And even though Anushka and Advait have a young 11-year-old daughter Kasturi, the latter seeks a divorce from the former. Needless to say, this demand for divorce shocks Anushka very badly. Even though she gets shaken a bit initially, but later she comes to terms with Advait’s demand for divorce. She is ready to divorce him… BUT… on three conditions, which are … To know about the three conditions and will Anushka be able to save her marriage is what forms the rest of the story!

Title: Ritu Kanta Romance
Director: Rahat Kazmi
Cast: Ritu Kanta, Tariq Khan, Hussein Khan, Rahat Kazmi
Genre: Romance 

Plot summary:
The story revolves around the life of a young lady named Firdous who gets married to Hameed, who is extremely good by nature. But the only drawback is that he does not have the guts to stand in front of his conservative father and take a stand for anything.

Just as when Firdous accepts her life the way it is, there enters Hameed’s friend Shahid, who is extremely outgoing by nature. Even before they both realise, both Firdous and Shahid start falling in love with each other and become extremely comfortable in each other’s company.

Life shatters one day for the sweet and innocent Hameed, when he gets to know that it was his best friend Shahid who has stabbed him on his back! What happens to the lives of Firdous, Shaheed and Hamid is what forms the rest of the story.

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