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Top feminist moments of the lead characters from Grey’s anatomy

Malavika Menon
Sep 05, 2021
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Medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has everything - heartbreaks, love, friendships, relationships, drama and comedy - and perhaps, that’s the reason millions of people across the globe enjoy the show. The series, with 18 seasons and over 300 episodes, takes us through an emotional roller coaster with several moments where we sit on the edge of our seats to find what happens next. The series also shares some relationship and friendship advice and portrays their importance in our lives. It also shares several moments where female leads take a stand against inequality and gender bias that will make us feel proud. Listed below are a few feminists moments from the show that will surely motivate and inspire you to hold onto your beliefs and live your life, holding your head high.


Callie stands up for herself (episode 5, season 6)

Callie stood up to her father when he tried to condemn her sexuality. He even came to the hospital to ‘fix’ her along with the pastor. But Callie being the strong woman that she is, instead of folding under the pressure, she fought back stating that her sexuality and religious beliefs did not conflict. She told her father sternly that “you cannot pray away the gay” and walked away. Though Callie and her father continue to struggle to come to terms with it, he finally comes around and also dances at her wedding with her. The father-daughter wedding dance was so emotional and beautiful. This was an empowering moment for the LBTQ community as well.

Meredith declares her independence (Episode 17, season 11)

Meredith and “McDreamy” aka Derek have been through a lot. This includes lies, sabotage, adultery and more tragedies than they deserve. There have been times where their relationship was tested to its absolute limits. After a very bad fight where she reached her saturation point, Meredith realizes that although she loved Derek, she could live without him if she had to. While he was away, she thrived as a surgeon and learned to live without him. This moment is important as it made everyone realise that having a relationship is well and good but having your independence is more valuable than anything else.

Christina Yang sticks to her decision not to have kids ever (Episode 1, season 8)

Christina has been very competitive in the medical field and she is on top of everything and everyone when it comes to her career. She prioritizes and loves her job more than anything else in the world. When she married Owen Hunt, they hadn’t discussed having kids. So one day when Christina told him that she doesn’t want kids, their relationship took a topsy-turvy turn. Despite the arguments, she stood by her decision without wavering.

Izzie fights back(Episode 4, season 1)

Prior to her internship at Seattle Grace Hospital, Izzie had worked as a lingerie and underwear model to fund her college and her pictures were published in multiple magazines. When her co-worker Alex Karev found out about it, he plastered pictures of her all over the hospital as a prank. Her response to that was incredible to say the least. She said she has no shame in her body and this is one of the most iconic feminist scenes in the series.

Meredith calls out Derik’s sexism(Episode 24, season 2)

During their first break up, when Derik chose Addison and left Meredith hanging, in order to cope up with it, she had an intimate moment with co-worker George and she confessed about that with Derek. He slut shamed her and said something along the lines that she loves to sleep around with multiple men. Meredith outright called him out and said that she will not let him judge her because he was the one who ditched her in the first place and that she will live her life however she wants to.

Meredith deserves equal pay (Episode 3, season 12)

Women have been fighting for equal pay for years. When Meredith realises that she has been getting paid less than all the other department heads, she is hesitant at first to approach doctor Bailey to ask for a raise but her girlfriends motivated her to take a strong stand and that she deserves the money she’s demanding. She later asks Bailey for the raise and she happily gives her the amount she demanded for and it looks like Bailey wanted her to ask for it.

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