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Top Gun: Maverick - Jennifer Connelly says she was ‘flattered’ when she was approached for a role in the sequel

Tom Cruise returns as Maverick in the sequel to the iconic 1986 action thriller drama, Top Gun. 

Top Gun: Maverick - Jennifer Connelly says she was ‘flattered’ when she was approached for a role in the sequel

Last Updated: 08.20 AM, May 27, 2022


Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick hit screens around the country yesterday, as the actor reprises one of his most iconic roles. The sequel to Top Gun also features Jennifer Connelly, who has now opened up about her casting in the movie. 

Recalling her memories of watching the original movie, Connely said that all the flying in the movie blew her away and that Tom Cruise is the jacket and riding a bike are things that stood out for her. She added that it was iconic and that it had nostalgic memories as reported by PTI.

“I had worked with Joe before on a movie called ‘Only The Brave’. And I liked Joe very much and he called me. I was excited that he wanted to work with me again. And then he told me it was about ‘Top Gun’ and I was immensely flattered and excited.” the actor said. 

Conelly further added that she had never met Tom Cruise before and that just meeting him was exciting and then working with him was a really great experience. 

Top GUn: Maverick is set over 30 years from the events of the first movie, and has Cruise’s Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell now working as a test pilot for the Navy. He is soon asked back to Top Gun to train a bunch of elite pilots for a risky mission. 

Conelly plays the role of Penelope “Penny” Benjamin in the movie. Penny is a single mother and is also the main love interest in the sequel. 

“While the filmmaking takes the viewers right into the world of fast-flying jets, the writing is able to give the movie a certain emotional core that cannot be replaced. A fitting sequel to a movie that still lives in our hearts even after over 30 years.” read the movie’s review on OTTplay. 

Also featuring Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris, Monica Barbaro, and Val Kilmer, the movie is now available in theatres near you. 

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