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Top shows on ULLU to binge watch on weekend

Amongst the many shows that is available all over the OTT platforms, here are the Top shows on ULLU to binge watch on weekend

Top shows on ULLU to binge watch on weekend
Top shows on ULLU to binge watch on weekend

Last Updated: 10.34 PM, Apr 14, 2024


Name of the show: Machhli
Genre- Murder mystery
Show’s plot-
“Mohabbat ke khel mein anjaan iraade jawaan hai, jisko samjha hai humdard woh hi shaitan hai…”
These are the apt words with which one can describe the chills and thrills that the show ‘Machhli’ offers to its viewers. The stage is set for a series of murders which happen almost every night under extremely shocking and unexpected circumstances. 


The show’s lead stars Nimmi and her boyfriend set out on an adventure trip. But, the innocent two people are totally unaware of what lies ahead of them. Once they get to know that, almost every day and every night, there is a dead body which gets dragged by some mysterious person, they are now worried that, they could be next! Will they too get murdered or do they have a saviour in someone is what forms the rest of the story.

Name of the show: Chawl House
Genre- Love mystery 

Show’s plot-
The show’s story revolves around two sisters, who love each other like nobody else. They are always there for each other. come hell, come heaven, they are always there for each other under any and all circumstances. These two sisters are Tina and Mina.

Life for the awesome twosome goes on extremely smooth. Just like every rose should have a thorn, here too, the relationship between Tina and Mina comes into a question of sorts when the unexpected happens in their lives! These two sisters land up falling in love with the same man Rohit, who has just come as a new tenant in their chawl.

the dilemma does not loom over merely the two sisters Tina and Mina, but also over Rohit as well, who is in a total fix about choosing the right girl for him between Tina and Mina!

Name of the show: Tapan

Genre- Jealous Love story

Show’s plot-
The story’s plot seems to have taken it out straight from the slice of life. With emotions like love, lust and jealousy as the centre, the show’s director has woven a show that, very delicately handles these traits of humans.

The show’s central character Riya is in silent love with her brother-in-law Vaibhav. The fact also remains that, she never musters enough courage and confidence to confess her feelings for him. Her love for Vaibhav starts attracting many challenges and obstacles and also roadblocks. There also comes a time when she really has to undergo the test of time in order to prove her love for Vaibhav. 

That’s when she hatches a masterplan wherein, she realises that Vaibhav is not in love with her. But, is in love with her best friend Payal. That’s when Riya, lands up striking a deal with Vaibhav that, while on one hand, she will help her to reach Payal, she, will be in turn, be helped by him. What are her conditions is what forms the rest of the story!

Name of the show: Laal Mirch

Genre- Mystery

Show’s plot-
If one had to describe the entire show in a nutshell and that too in a poetice manner, then, the most apt way to do that will be Zamaane se bacha rakha hai use, nazar se chhupa rakha hai use ..use per aitbaar ho na ho magar pyar se fansa rakha hai use.....’.

The show’s plot revolves around the lives (read ‘mysterious lives’) of the show’s protagonists in the form of Sarla, Varun, Vinod, Sampat, Jahnvi and Sameer. One fine day, Sampat lands up kidnapping Jahnvi, which the police solve the purpose.

What follows after that are a series of drama, ransom, kidnapping and likes. Will Jahnvi ever be able to be recused from the kidnapers is what forms the rest of the story.

Name of the show: Haveli

Genre- Mystery

Show’s plot-
Set in a village-city combine, the show touches upon many human emotions. The story is lead by a 'maalkin' who intsructs her men to start teh smuggling of banned drugs, the fear of police notwithstanding. On the other hand, her son in law comes under her radar for having suspicion on her and also tracking all her activities. 

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Ruby, catches him while he is seeng Meera doing excercise, despite being a village belle! 

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