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Top shows on ULLU which will surprise you with their stories

If you are someone who likes surprises, then, may we recommend the following shows on ULLU which are bound to surprise you with their stories! 

Top shows on ULLU which will surprise you with their stories
Top shows on ULLU which will surprise you

Last Updated: 09.44 PM, Apr 15, 2024


Those who are wanting to be surprised, or someone who likes to be surprised, then, wait no more! The reason? Well, ULLU app has got the shows that is bound to surprise you with their stories.

Name of the show: Chawl House
Genre: Triangular Love story


Story plot:
An extremely innocent yet funny Tina lands up meeting a young and dashing man. But the meeting is not the one she had expected ever to. The meeting starts off on a sour note. They both land up dashing against each other. Gradually, when they get to know about each other, their about-to-be enmity gradually translates into likeness for each other.

The soft-spoken Tina is so helpful towards everyone that she eats not one, but two vada pavs so that she can help the vada pav vendors in their business! To her surprise, Rohit lands up knocking on their doors to return Mina’s mobile, when he lands up seeing Tina as well. This leads to a ‘emotional tug of war between Tina and Mina over Rohit.

Who will eventually win over Rohit and his attention is what forms the rest of the story.

Name of the show: Tapan

Genre: Romance 

Story plot:
What will happen to a person when he is sandwiched between his wife and his wife’s sister. This is exactly the situation which Vaibhav faces in real life. While on one hand, his wife Rashmi is extremely loving and caring and for her, its Vaibhav who means the world. On the other hand, there is Riya, who happens to be Rashmi’s sister. Even though she is not married, she tries to get hooked onto Vaibhav by hook or crook. She never leaves even a single opportunity to grab his attention, something that he does not like and approve of.

Will Riya ultimately have er way and make an entry into the heart of Vaibhav and will the latter’s unsuspecting innocent wife ever get to know about the masterplan of her sister is what the rest of the interesting story all about!

Name of the show: Titliyaan

Genre: Romance 

Story plot:
The show is totally woven and written with ink that’s dipped in romance. As they say every cloud has a silver lining, but there are also situations, where when the going gets good, there comes a sudden break all of a sudden. Ditto in the case of the lives of both Sophia and Tanya. Even though their lives were noting less than fairy tale romance, suddenly, it comes to a griding halt when their respective partners cheat on the two. 

Seeing each other’s situation, both Sophia and Tanya start finding solace in each other’s company as well as life. Will their family members and their respective partners accept this ‘inacceptable love’ between the two is what will bind you to your seats!

Name of the show: Pinjara

Genre: Slice of life 

Story plot:
This is one story that is bound to stir up human emotions and how! Even though the story has been set in modern day, the rituals that the show’s lead character show that they follow the old tradition. As per one such tradition, it gets stated that, in order to save a marriage and to keep the bad luck away from her and her marriage, the newly wed bride should be marrying the groom’s sister!

But what happens after that is something that no one ever thought of. The groom’s sister, who has a fetish for same gender, lands up black mailing the newly wed for fulfilling her deepest darkest desires.

Name of the show: Tawa Garam

Genre: Love / deceit 

Story plot:
The story is about two friends Raj and his best friend who share everything in life with each other. One fine day, Raj’s parents plan to go out for some work. That’s when his super glamourous aunty Surmayi and her husband come to their house to pay a visit to them. Seeing the stunning beauty of their aunty, both the boys become uncontrollable with their deepest desires. Just as when things started to cook, there comes a situation, which takes away the ‘whistle’ from their menu!

The boys get a shock of their lives when they get to know that, the aunt’s husband has a fetish for boys and that he will do anything to achieve his wants and desires. Will the two boys have their way to get the aunty in their lives and drive away her husband from their loves is what forms the rest of the story!

A sweet functioning camaraderie between the sisters, Tina and Mina is being disrupted by the entry of a new guy in their chawl, Rohit. As both of the sisters fall for Rohit, the conflict further escalates when Rohit is faced with the double trouble of choosing one between the two of them.

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