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Top thriller films and web series to watch on Stage

Thriller films such as Khachchar, Opari Hawa and Dhaakad Chhoriyaan are worth watching on Stage

Top thriller films and web series to watch on Stage

Poster images of Bad Boys Bhiwani, Sanki Aashiq and Dhaakad ChhoriyaanBad Boys Bhiwani

Last Updated: 06.18 PM, Apr 08, 2024


If you are looking for thriller films to watch in your native Haryanvi language, then you have come to the right place. Stage app offers a wide selection of thriller films to choose from. There are also several web series like Bad Boys Bhiwani and Sanki Aashiq that are worth watching. From Dhaakad Chhoriyaan to Opari Hawa, here are the five thriller films and web series you need to watch on Stage that are also available on OTTplay Premium.

Best thriller films and web series to watch on Stage

Bad Boys Bhiwani (2024)

Director: Hariom Kaushik

Cast: Manish Bishla, Vipan Malawat

Bad Boys Bhiwani tells the story of how the rivalry between two gangs create a ruckus in the town of Bhiwani. Starring Vipan Malawat and Manish Bishla, the series is created by Hariom Kaushik. Filled with action sequences, the series explores the themes of love, loss and ambition. The series was released in 2024.

Sanki Aashiq (2023)

Director: Sonu Verma

Cast: Vikram Malik, Jitu Singh and Rohit Sangwan

Directed by Sonu Verma, Sanki Aashiq is a web series centered around a man who kidnaps his former lover after she refuses to marry him. Starring Vikram Malik, Jitu Singh, and Rohit Sangwan in pivotal roles, Sanki Aashiq is sure to keep you hooked to the screens.

Dhaakad Chhoriyaan (2023)

Director: Rajeev Bhatia

Cast: Rakhi Lohchab, Nisha Sharma, Sejal Mehta, Vandana Bhatia

Helmed by Rajeev Bhatia, Dhaakad Chhoriyaan features Rakhi Lohchab and Nisha Sharma in pivotal roles. The film centers around two girls who fight over a guy, leading to a strained relationship but soon come together after an incident involving a politician. Their shared fight against corruption, harassment and the illegal measures of the politician becomes the plot of the film. Along with peppy background music, the film sends out a strong message of fighting against injustice for the sake of the greater good.

Khachchar (2023)

Director: Kumar Shantanu

Cast: Mannu Nitin, Divyansh Deshwal, Jaideep Kadyan

Khachchar follows a trio of thieves who are caught red-handed by the local goon, and he demands to get his money back. In this quest to earn quick money, the trio plan to loot the local bank. As the trio implements their plan, other thieves reach the bank to loot the money, only to find that the robbery has already taken place. All the chaos that unfolds between the two groups of thieves, the local goon and the police trying to catch them becomes the plot of the film. Starring Mannu Nitin, the film is directed by Kumar Shantanu.

Opari Hawa (2023)

Director: Ranjeet Chauhan

Cast: Azharuddin Azhar, Chirag Bansal

Opari Hawa is a horror film where a man starts to worry about the doings of his family members. After he gets suspicious about the presence of a mysterious soul in the house, the family conducts a ritual in the house to ward off any evil. How the family navigates through this spirit becomes the film's plotline. Directed by Ranjeet Chauhan, the film stars Azharuddin Azhar and Chirag Bansal.

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