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Trailer of White Rose hints at an engaging tale of Anandhi attempting to flee from a serial killer

White Rose's trailer hinted at an intriguing psychological thriller featuring a serial killer plot and a stalker theme.

Trailer of White Rose hints at an engaging tale of Anandhi attempting to flee from a serial killer
Anandhi in White Rose

Last Updated: 04.25 PM, Mar 23, 2024


A major announcement regarding White Rose has been released by the Tamil film's makers. On April 5, the suspenseful drama will be released in theatres. The date was confirmed in the movie's trailer, which came out today, March 23. Anandhi, who starred in Vidhi and Raavana Kottam previously, plays the lead role in this fascinating psychological thriller. The update was released nearly two years after the actress's movie disclosure.


A fascinating psychological thriller with a stalker theme and serial killer plot was alluded to in the trailer. Additionally, it provides a glimpse into an engrossing tale on a crucial subject—exactly what the times demand.

It depicts Anandhi's character, who is attempting to free herself from the grasp of a female-targeting serial killer. She is also seen looking for her young daughter, who a miscreant is rumoured to have abducted. R K Suresh appears and plays an antagonistic role, but the rest of the plot's details are largely unknown.

All about White Roses

The first-look movie posters, which featured Anandhi from two distinct viewpoints, were recently released by the film's makers. In one of the posters, a man who appears to be Anandhi's partner is shown along with her character. In a different poster, she is seen in close-up with an unidentified man's shadow visible behind her, appearing to be in distress.

The film is directed by debutant Rajashekar. The supporting cast of White Rose includes Rooso Sridharan, Vijjith, Baby Nakshathra, Sasilaya, Dharani Reddy, Suliyan Bharani, Varshini, Hasin, Rajasimman, and Ramanathan. Various sources claim that the antagonist's fixation on "white roses" is the source of the title. Johan Shevanesh of Metro fame has composed the soundtracks for the film, while V Elayaraja has handled the cinematography. Poombarai Murugan Productions has bankrolled this film.

Anandhi’s projects in 2024

Mangai, Anandhi's project under the direction of Gubenthiran Kamatchi, was released in March. Claimed to be a film about women, it showed the audience how men view women and showed them how to live with their gaze on them.

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