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Trailer Talk: After We Fell takes the After franchise forward

The After franchise has got going with After We Fell, the latest movie to take the story forward. Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin are reprising their roles as toxic lovers Tessa and Hardin.

Trailer Talk: After We Fell takes the After franchise forward

Last Updated: 08.41 PM, Jul 23, 2021


The official trailer of the film dropped on YouTube on July 15 and has already garnered over a million views. While there are the signature raunchy intimate scenes between the lovers, reminiscent of the earlier films from the franchise, there’s also the undercurrent of complexity in their loved-up paradise.

 Tessa wants to move to Seattle after graduation, which doesn’t go down well with Hardin who had assumed they were going to London. When Tessa confides about the clash to her friend, she is told that if he loves her, he will consider moving to Seattle.

But the clash is on, from what is seen in the trailer. Hardin has nothing in Seattle for him except Tessa, and therefore there isn’t enough for him to settle for Seattle.

 The official trailer has oodles of romance too, with references from the best-selling novel by Anna Todd, such as the mention of the pangs and hurt that comes from love and relationships. It begins with Tessa stating in voice-over that she is acquainted with the pain, the type that comes repeatedly from the same person. And then she goes on to add, "Only in those rare moments when he pulls me to his chest and makes promises he never seems able to keep, does the pain disappear."

Watch the full official trailer here.


The film continues the steamy romance drama between Tessa Young, a hard-working, responsible and obedient girl whose life changes when she meets Hardin Scott in the first semester of college. Hardin is the quintessential bad boy, handsome nevertheless and he draws her away from her family life and spoils her romance with Noah her high school sweetheart. The two eventually move in together into a place of their own.

 After We Collided, the second film in the franchise that dropped last year chronicled their story from the point when they got back together after a breakup but are facing trust issues, and thereby find themselves tangled in toxic situations.

After We Fell has a new director for the franchise and Castille Landon has been confirmed as the director for the fourth chapter of the film too, titled After Ever Happy.

The teaser trailer of After We Fell dropped in February this year. It is confirmed for September 30 release in the US.

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