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TRP this week: Anurager Chowa and Jagaddhatri jointly top the list

Sonamoni and Pratik Sen’s chemistry brings Ekka Dokka to the top five 

TRP this week: Anurager Chowa and Jagaddhatri jointly top the list

Last Updated: 11.20 PM, May 19, 2023


Actors, who work in the serials, give more or less the same answers when they are asked about TRP. The most common reply is that they are ‘unperturbed about the ratings because their job is just to act. They claim that they don’t get bothered about the weekly rating. And yet, when Thursday comes, an unmistakable air of anxiety becomes evident among the artistes. Who topped the list? Who has a disappointing performance? The actors post stories on Instagram if the rating is high. In the last few months, not much difference is being seen in the TRP list. The third week of May was no exception. Anurager Chowa and Jagaddhatri jointly top the list. 

A tough competition took place between these two serials. But this week, Surya-Deepa and Jagaddhatri-Swayambhu are in the same position, both grabbing a score of 7.8. However, Gouri-Ishan's chemistry strengthened. As proof, the serial Gouri Elo went up to the second position with a score of 7.5. 

A new name came in the top five list and that is Ekka Dokka. The story of Radhika and Pokhraj started almost one year back, but they could never enter the top five. A new character, Doctor Anirban Guha, played by Pratik Sen, took entry in the serial some time back. Sonamoni Saha plays Radhika. Like their previous serial Mohos, the audience is interested to see the Sonamoni-Pratik duo again. This influenced the TRP, and Ekka Dokka is in the fifth position, with a score of 5.9. Nim Fuler Modhu, with 7.5, and Ranga Bou, with 7.0, are in the third and fourth positions, respectively this week. 

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