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Twenty Five Twenty One ending explained - Do Baek Yi-Jin and Na Hee-Do end up together in this K-Drama?

Twenty Five Twenty One narrates the bittersweet tale of Baek Yi-Jin and Na Hee-Do. Read on to know if they end up together in this K-Drama

Twenty Five Twenty One ending explained - Do Baek Yi-Jin and Na Hee-Do end up together in this K-Drama?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Last Updated: 07.20 PM, May 16, 2024


Despite its youthful storyline, Twenty Five Twenty One explores the complexities of adulthood and bittersweet realities. In this K-Drama, young fencer Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae-Ri), embarks on a journey to achieve her biggest dreams. As she tirelessly trains and strives for excellence, she meets a hardworking youth Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk), who is burdened by his troublesome past, but is determined to build a new beginning.  In this romance drama on Netflix, we witness the characters struggle as they face unexpected realities and the sacrifices demanded by ambition. As their lives intertwine, they try to find inspiration and solace in the other's unwavering determination.

Twenty Five Twenty One ending explained

The climax of the K-Drama leaves viewers with a mix of bittersweet emotions. While we learn the shocking news that Na Hee-Do got married, we do not know who she actually got married to. However, it is certainly not to Baek Yi-Jin. The final scene shows Na Hee-Do walking away from the beach where they shared their heartbreaking separation, leaving open the possibility of reconciliation in the future. This ambiguity sparks questions as to whether Hee-Do attempts to reconnect with Yi-Jin or finds happiness with someone new.


Each episode is filled with contrasting emotional scenes that are not only limited to the romantic relationship but also navigate the complexities of friendship. But the last poignant episode leaves a mark on the viewers. We get to see adult Na Hee-Do visit the tunnel and recall the time when they bid farewell to one another. It's considered the most emotional part of the whole drama. This emotionally charged scene has been expertly crafted by the writer, who skillfully blends feelings of nostalgia with a glimmer of hope for a new beginning.

However, in the end, we see Baek Yi-Jin get the chance to interview Na Hee-Do after her last win. As she's gearing up for her retirement as a fencer, we get to know that they did not end up together and are living different lives, far away from each other. We get the hint that Hee-Do has got married, but Baek Yi-Jin seems all alone, and praying for a good life for her with all his heart.

Twenty Five Twenty One portrays complexities of relationships

Twenty Five Twenty One transcends its coming-of-age shell to offer viewers profound lessons about navigating adulthood and the complexities of relationships. The lead characters’ journey - from high school students to super successful sportspersons, making their nation proud and ending up praying for each other's happiness - teaches us that love and trust can evolve as we grow.

Even two years after its release, Twenty Five Twenty One is currently the 2nd most searched sports show on Google.  Watch the K-Drama on Netflix now.

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