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Is Twisters 2024 a reboot of the 1996 film? This is what Glen Powell revealed

Glen Powell's chemistry with Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You is the talk of the town, and it's making him feel on top of the world

Is Twisters 2024 a reboot of the 1996 film? This is what Glen Powell revealed

Glen Powell,1996 Twister

Last Updated: 09.20 AM, Dec 28, 2023


Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney have been the talk of the town since early 2023, ever since they began shooting for Anyone But You. No doubt, their ‘alleged’ relationship news before the film’s release helped it garner a massive box office collection. Anyone But You was released on December 22, and within five days, it has grossed over $10 million at the box office, including the Christmas festive day.

After grabbing much attention, Glen Powell gave an exclusive interview to Vogue recently. Apart from talking about his much-awaited film, the 35-year-old actor spilled some interesting beans about his next project – Twisters. The action-thriller is scheduled to release on July 19, 2024.

Twisters 2024 story

Decades after Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt braved the fury of Oklahoma's tornadoes in the 1996 film Twister, a new generation of storm chasers steps onto the bleak plains. Facing evolved technology and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, they risk everything to deploy a revolutionary early warning system, racing against the clock and nature's wrath to save lives.

Glen Powell's revelation

Glen Powell shared that his Twister is not a reboot of the 1996 film. Rather is a new chapter made by Warner Bros. with some original content. “We are not trying to recreate the story from the first one. It’s a completely original story. There are no characters from the original movie back, so it’s not really a continuation. It’s just its own standalone story in the modern-day”, he revealed.

1996 Twister story

Back in 1996, Twister grossed $495 million at the box office. It tells a story about a college teacher named Dr. Jo Harding is working hard to finish a special machine called Dorothy, amidst a tornado. Dorothy helps collect information about tornadoes. Dr. Harding's husband, Bill, helped come up with the idea for Dorothy, but they're not together anymore. Jo tells Bill that Dorothy is finally ready to be tested, but someone else named Dr. Miller stole their idea and built his own machine! So, Bill decides to join Jo and her students on one last mission to test Dorothy before the storm hits.

Twister made Glen Powell terrified

Glen Powell spoke passionately about the 1996 film, describing it as a touchstone of nostalgia that chilled him to the bone even as an adult. He believes that attempting a sequel would be like tampering with a masterpiece, risking the dilution of its raw terror and timeless impact.

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