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U-Turn actor Alaya F: If it’s good content, how does it matter whether it's a remake, an adaptation, or an original?

U-Turn is the Hindi remake of the hit Kannada film.

U-Turn actor Alaya F: If it’s good content, how does it matter whether it's a remake, an adaptation, or an original?
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Last Updated: 02.36 AM, Apr 21, 2023


Alaya F concurs that assuming that an actor signs on to several projects in order to establish himself or herself in the profession would be foolish. The actor has a great sense of clarity about the types of projects she wants to face after four years in the entertainment industry.

She told Mid Day that her journey over the next few films is to learn how to engage audiences who aren't urban. The actor made her film debut in 2020 with Jawaani Jaaneman, a comedy set in London about a dad who comes to terms with his obligations after seeing his estranged daughter. She followed it up with the suspenseful psychological drama Freddy (2022) and Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat. She is conscious that, despite their different levels of success, her previous films have only introduced her to a select group of film enthusiasts.

As a matter of fact, Alaya told the tabloid that, up until now, the majority of her films have appealed to metropolitan audiences. Many people would ask her for a photo if she travelled to Mumbai, Delhi, or Bengaluru. However, nobody will recognise her if she goes to a Tier-2 town.


Alaya is aware that for her to succeed, she will need to have a healthy mix of mainstream actors and actresses in her portfolio. That is where the movie U-Turn, which also stars Priyanshu Painyuli, comes into play. She considers the Ekta Kapoor-backed project, a remake of the same 2018 Kannada spooky thriller, to be her first significant work.

But when asked whether, considering how many remakes the public has rejected recently, making another one is a wise course of action, Alaya said that she has appreciated a lot of remakes. U-Turn, in her opinion, is an adaptation rather than a remake. The filmmaker, Arif Khan, has added his perspective to the narrative. Even if one has watched the original, there are a lot of surprises in this sequel, and one won't be able to guess what happens in the end. All art ultimately draws inspiration from other works of art.

She concluded by asking what difference it makes if it is an original, a remake, or an adaptation if the substance is good.