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Ugram first reviews in: Allari Naresh's action avatar a big hit

The first reviews for Ugram have given a big thumbs up to Allari Naresh's action avatar. 

Ugram first reviews in: Allari Naresh's action avatar a big hit
Allari Naresh in Ugram.

Last Updated: 02.47 PM, May 05, 2023


The latest Telugu actioner Ugram was released in cinemas worldwide today. It's one of the most important movies in Allari Naresh's career. He's trying to redefine his onscreen image with this movie. Allari Naresh is mostly known for his soft-natured roles packed with a lot of good humour. But, in Ugram, he takes the persona of a killing machine. 

The trailer of Ugram showed Allari Naresh playing an honest police officer. But, as the old wisdom suggests, honest police officers are bound to suffer irreplaceable loss in the line of duty. As Allari Naresh's character begins to investigate a human traffic ring, his life falls apart. He seemingly loses his wife and daughter. But, it never stops him. As he presses on to bring those behind all the kidnappings to justice, the hero further falls into the depths of societal hell. The trailer suggests there could be also an element of science fiction in this revenge drama. We can see a heavily battered hero is subjected to laser procedure and what follows next is a brutal killing spree. The hero takes on his rival as if a man passed by a vengeful spirit. 


Ugram is written and directed by Vijay Kanakamedala. And this film marks Allari Naresh's second collbaration with Vijay. The actor-director duo earlier worked on Naandhi, a courthouse drama. 

"Your constant support from my very 1st film has brought me to my 60th film. My re-invention is for you all," tweeted Allari Naresh ahead of the movie's release. 

Has the audience have accepeted Allari Naresh's efforts to reinvent himself? Based on the initial reactions to the movie, it seems so. 

Ugram also stars Mirnaa Menon, Indraja, Sharath Lohithaswa and Shatru. 

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