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Ujjadbitlu – Arvind Sastry’s Bisi Bisi Ice Cream’s song aims to heal broken hearts

Kahi director Arvind Sastry reunites with Aravinnd Iyer on Bisi Bisi Ice Cream, a tale about the life of a cab driver in Bengaluru.

Ujjadbitlu – Arvind Sastry’s Bisi Bisi Ice Cream’s song aims to heal broken hearts
Aravinnd Iyer in the song Ujjadbitlu

Last Updated: 05.40 PM, Jan 27, 2024


Bisi Bisi Ice Cream is a new venture from director Arvind Sastry, who also serves as writer and editor on the film led by Aravinnd Iyer, who had worked with the filmmaker on his earlier Kahi as well. After keeping the project under wraps during its making, Arvind went public about it with the trailer launch a couple of weeks ago and now, he’s got the first song release as well with Ujjadbitlu.

Composed by Nakul Abhyankar, Ujjadbitlu is a song meant for those with broken hearts, which, the team hopes will give them some relief. The official description of the song reads, “Hello Heartbroken People, You must learn to rejoice with what you cannot repair!”. Folk artiste Ramesh Kurubagatti is joined by Ram Hadpad on the vocals in this composition.


The film, according to Arvind, follows the protagonist played by Aravinnd, a cab driver in Bengaluru and the events that occur in his life, when he meets a mysterious girl, played by Siri Ravikumar. Apart from the duo, Gopalkrishna Deshpande will also be seen in a pivotal role in the film. The film, adds Arvind, will not delve into the professional hazards of being a cab driver. “Bisi Bisi Ice Cream is the story of this person, who happens to be a cab driver by profession. It’s a very personal drama,” he says.

Bisi Bisi Ice Cream, according to the filmmaker, falls in the dark comedy or crime comedy space. The film, he says, explores how even in a busy city like Bengaluru, there is a lot of solitude and loneliness. Aravinnd had to give up on his healthy lifestyle during the making of Bisi Bisi Ice Cream to get into the character of a depressed, heartbroken and lonely cab driver. Siri plays a high-end escort in the film and how she affects Aravind’s life forms the crux of the narrative.

Aravinnd Iyer in the film
Aravinnd Iyer in the film

“There is a series of adventures and misadventures due to her that happen in his life and the healing that comes from this journey is what the film is about,” the director had explained. Gopalkrishna plays a pimp in the film.

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