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ULLU Originals Farebi Yaar trailer: Wife cheats on husband for his friend in this erotic web series

The upcoming web series is slated to release on January 17.

ULLU Originals Farebi Yaar trailer: Wife cheats on husband for his friend in this erotic web series

ULLU Originals Farebi Yaar trailer

Last Updated: 08.01 PM, Jan 30, 2023


ULLU is back with a brand new erotic series named Farebi Yaar. The makers have unveiled the official trailer that sees a new couple in town who tries to avoid a controversial woman in their neighbour but gets strapped.

The trailer begins with a man telling her wife that the people in the society are really good but she should stay alert from a woman in their woman. When she asks about this controversial woman, the husband unveils that her name is Nikhat.

After a few days, the wife meets her neighbour, where the lady introduces her as Nikhat and reveals that she lives in her building only and they will meet again soon to have a formal introduction. Moving on, the husband can be seen inviting his friend to his own house to stay for a few days and says, "Now your sister-in-law is here too to cook food for you." As soon as the friend reaches his house, he gets mesmerized by his friend's wife and her charm. As soon as she opens the door for him, he starts gazing at her.

After some time, Nikhat also arrives at her home with a bowl of fruit as an offering, while the wife introduces her guest to her next-door neighbour. Soon after meeting a new woman, the friend gets mesmerized by her too. But soon, he starts seducing his friend's wife and starts getting intimate with her. Shockingly, the latter also starts reciprocating his feelings. The montage further showcases that the wife decides to leave her husband for his friend. At the end, the husband returns back home to find her wife nowhere but a letter from her that makes him furious.

The makers released the latest trailer on ULLU's YouTube channel with a poem in the caption that reads, "Nazar se door kahan hai hum, Pyaar mein mazboor kahan hain hum, Unhe dhoondhte hai hum har roz, Par unhe kahan maloom kahan hain hum. (sic)."

Watch the trailer video here:


Farebi Yaar is set to release on February 3 on ULLU.

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