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Under Paris Twitter review: Netizens are loving the Paris triathlon buffet for the sharks

Under Paris Twitter review: The new Netflix shark movie is silly, but fun, declare netizens

Under Paris Twitter review: Netizens are loving the Paris triathlon buffet for the sharks
Netflix's new big hit is a shark film called Under Paris about sharks in the Seine

Last Updated: 03.14 PM, Jun 08, 2024


This week, Netflix dropped a shark movie, Under Paris, with Oscar nominee Berenice Bejo at the helm. The film’s silly at best but that is exactly what audiences are loving about Xavier Gens’ shark fest. What’s worked, they argue, is that Under Paris is a shark movie in which the shark wins, which is not the usual scenario in the genre. That ending is why the film has been declared a must-watch.

The film is being hailed as one of the best shark films in recent times, with some audiences going to the extent of saying that it is just as good, if not better, than Jaws. While that maybe a bit of a stretch, the film has, no doubt, found a set of audience that is absolutely loving the shark mayhem that Gens has unleashed.

Comments ranged from “Under Paris is similar to other shark films, but has interesting twists”, to, “It was a big, bloody, violent good time”, “A shark movie with a shark in the Seine, ahead of the Paris Olympics is just peak comedy”, “Under Paris is fun and slightly preposterous, with the third act complete bonkers”, “It’s ridiculous, but fun, so stick with it”, “Under Paris is over the top, implausible and glorious”, among others.

Under Paris has Bejo is Sofia, a marine biologist on an expedition in the Pacific Ocean studying mako shark behaviour, when ‘one of theirs’, Lilith, shows up and makes the team of scientists her lunch. Sofia is the sole surviving member, and three years after this horrific attack, Lilith comes knocking again.

This time, she’s at Sofia’s doorstep, having evolved to survive in freshwater and roaming freely in the Seine. Lilith and her hungry pups, have a taste for human flesh blood and a triathlon event just offers them the biggest buffest spread they could have hoped for.

Under Paris is now streaming on Netflix

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