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Enjoy suspenseful films? These are a few underrated ones available on Sun NXT

These suspenseful films on Sun NXT are worth seeing if you like intriguing dramas on screen. 

Enjoy suspenseful films? These are a few underrated ones available on Sun NXT
Posters of Ore Mukham and Hi I'm Tony

Last Updated: 09.44 PM, Jun 02, 2024


Sun NXT offers a number of Malayalam thrillers that are somewhat undervalued. Though they did not garner much attention from audiences when they were first released in theatres or on the web, these films do a fantastic job of fulfilling the genre. These films are worth seeing if you like intriguing dramas on screen. These are also available on OTTplay Premium.

Underrated thrillers on Sun NXT

Ore Mukham


The story of the film is not told in a linear fashion. One timeline covers the primary characters' time in college and is set in the 1980s. The investigation into a series of murders that the main characters were involved in is covered in the other, which is set in the present. Ore Mukham is a decent suspenseful thriller despite lacking the best performances or box office results.

Hi I’m Tony

After their days of love, Sameer and Tina flee to Bangalore. How Tony, who killed his wife, and Achayan, the flat owner, entered their lives and caused an unexpected turn in events forms the crux of the film. The suspenseful elements in the film kept viewers on the edge of their seats, even though it was not a box office success.


Arvind Chandrasekhar, a renowned and exceptionally skilled lawyer, was appointed as a judge of the Karnataka High Court. Unknown callers start to contact him over various cases, and other people start threatening him. One such anonymous person enters his life during the film, putting his loved ones in danger.


Truck driver Johny has an obsession with sex. He tragically kills every member of his family. More investigation into the case reveals an astonishing reality. There are some unsettling elements to the movie, especially as the plot develops and the investigation goes on.

College Days

Five medical college students cause Ananthakrishnan to lose his uncle, aunt, and girlfriend. He adopts the name, Rohit Menon, and enrolls in their college with the intention of seeking revenge. One of the gang's guys, Joe Joseph, becomes his friend in the process.

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