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Unstoppable with NBK on AHA: Gopichand reveals what Prabhas does when he gets angry

Unstoppable with NBK is in its second season and rebel star Prabhas has graced the show this week

Unstoppable with NBK on AHA: Gopichand reveals what Prabhas does when he gets angry
Balakrishna and Prabhas
  • Avad Mohammad

Last Updated: 10.25 AM, Jan 06, 2023


There is no denying the fact that Unstoppable with NBK on AHA is one of the most-watched shows on Telugu OTT this year. Hosted by the energetic Balakrishna, this talk show has given AHA massive popularity. The show is in its second season now and none other than Prabhas graced the show last week. The second episode of Prabhas on Unstoppable with NBK is out now and has won the hearts of many already.

One of the interesting aspects of the show is that Prabhas' close friend and star hero Gopichand also graced the show in the second episode. He has revealed some very interesting aspects about Prabhas's personality that not many knew. When the show host asks Gopichand what Prabhas, who is a very calm-going person, does when he is angry, Gopichand says "Prabhas never gets angry but when he does, he asks everyone to leave the surroundings right away and keeps to himself and does not speak a word.

Gopichand and Prabhas
Gopichand and Prabhas

In a funny way, Prabhas denies this aspect of his and says Gopichand is trying to pull his leg. The second episode also showcases the struggles faced by Gopichand and how he came back stronger in his career. Also, the manner in which Prabhas held his hand in tense times is also discussed by Gopichand in an emotional manner.

Things will be going to the next level next week when the man of the masses, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan will grace the show soon. This episode is going to create history as Pawan has never graced a talk show ever in his career. His, interaction with Balakrishna, will be the icing on the cake for both heroes. For now, the Prabhas episode has gone viral and has become a talking point.