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Unstoppable with Pawan Kalyan: Mixed reactions for 1st episode, now all hopes on the second

Unstoppable with Pawan Kalyan: First episode creates record but not reviews

Last Updated: 07.06 PM, Feb 05, 2023


Unstoppable with NBK was one of the biggest hits on OTT when it came to Telugu content. Nandamuri Balakrishna turned host for this show and he found new fame with the way he hosted the show and won the hearts of many. Balakrishna's uncanny behaviour and the manner in which he made his guests answer the most difficult questions won a lot of applause and gave Aha a new lease of life.

Balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan
Balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan

Now, the show's second season is underway and the baap of all episodes with Pawan Kalyan is finally streaming on AHA. The makers of this show promoted the episode in such a way that it raised the curiosity to the next level. So many promos were aired and everyone wanted to see how Pawan, who has not attended any TV show to date, would answer some of the controversial questions.

Well, the show has shattered new records as it has clocked 100 million viewing minutes which is highest for Aha. In this way, the makers are very happy and so are the fans. But the general opinion is quite different. Balayya asked controversial questions to Pawan like his view on three marriages, and about him being trolled as he even did not win his own seat during last elections.

Unstoppable Anthem is here
Unstoppable Anthem is here

Pawan has given his view on these topics but the audience feel that they were just simple and not conclusive. Even though Balakrishna tried hard to entertain Pawan and put him in a spot, the latter did not speak much and did not reveal anything special. Most of the time, he was seen giving one word answers which were just not satisfactory.

Today, the makers have released the second promo and Balakrishna is once again seen asking controversial questions like why his fans did not vote for him, why he did not join the TDP party and what made him establish Jansena in the first place. Pawan has answered all these questions which will be revealed in the second episode. Let's hope that the second episode at least lives up to the hype or not.

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